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AliceStrattI’m Alice, from Bristol Tennessee, and I love NASCAR. I’ve never raced myself but I grew up right there off the track, watching my dad race the #94 car and learning how to work on my own engine. Now I’m all grown up and have a shop of my own, but I still help out in the #94 pit for my old man. Want to learn more about NASCAR or auto repair? Read on!

Buying a Car? Three Things Everyone Should Know

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Did you know that flat, asphalt roads were originally built not for motorists driving vehicles, as is often believed, but for cyclists? Perhaps we have bicycles to thank for the lack of cobble stoned highways.

Are you planning to buy a car, and interested in knowing a lot more about what it is you’re going to be investing in? Many people see cars as simply a mechanical device with an engine to run it. But really, when you peel back the everyday use of cars, they can be a mysterious and sometimes dangerous mode of transportation. Here are three interesting facts about cars that you should know.

1. Cars are Going to be More Futuristic

When children are asked to draw the future, one of the top themes in their illustrations is hover cars. While this particular development might still be a long Continue reading

Want a Little More Excitement in Your Sports? Try Nascar

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How much do you know about Nascar car racing? If you have not had a Nascar racing experience, do not be too quick to judge. Nascar car racing is actually the second most popular spectator sport in the United States, second only to football. If you do not know anything about it, perhaps it is time that you learn a little, and see just what all of the hype is about.

1. By the Numbers

A full Nascar car racing season consists of a few different numbers that any regular viewer should know. There are 43 drivers who compete in 36 point races. They have 23 different tracks, and the competition whittles down to 12 finalists, which leads to just 1 champion. And the races are broadcast to over 150 different countries each year.

2. The Flags

Each race has a series of flags that symbolize something to both the driver Continue reading

Three NASCAR Fun Facts

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The NASCAR racing experience can be the thrill of a lifetime, for fans as well as the intrepid drivers in the NASCAR race cars themselves. With top speeds at over 200 miles per hour, the drivers can cover the length of a football field in one single second. NASCAR has become the American symbol of speed, technology, and courage. So here are a few facts you may not already know.

  • Horsepower. Your standard gas powered push mower has a horsepower of about 6.5. A Ford Mustang tops out at just over 440. Standard NASCAR cars begin at around 750 horsepower, with Sprint Cup cars easily reaching between 800 and 850 horsepower. An actual horse, in case you were wondering, has just shy of 15 horsepower.
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  • G Force. One “G” is equal to the normal pull of gravity, or the Continue reading

Stay Geared Up for the Rest of the NASCAR Season

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It is one thing to watch NASCAR car racing in front of your television, from the comfort of your own home. It is another thing entirely to experience the NASCAR racing experience live and in person, as the best drivers in the world blaze by you each time they pass the grandstand.

Fortunately no matter where you live in the United States, there is an event near you. And with a full slate of NASCAR races 2013 to choose from, you will be certain to catch the action. NASCAR boasts a total of 41 races during the marathon 10 month season.

While there are the legendary race courses you know, such as Daytona International Speedway in Florida, Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana, and Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, there are also lesser known tracks throughout the country where fans can enjoy NASCA Continue reading

Nascar Race Cars

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Nascar is one of the most popular sports in America, and keeps people interested throughout the year. Nascar car racing is a unique experience, as although there are a ton of other racing outlets throughout America, nascar is the most famous and most profitable, as well as the most elite.

Nascar cars are all part of racing groups and sponsored by a particular company. The company has its brand image on the cars, so people can see which companies are affiliated with which racer and racing group. There are major racing groups that have a bunch of different racers involved in each particular race, so there is a higher chance the race team in question will get more points.

Nascar racing is scored using a points system. At the end of the year, whoever has the most points wins the overall championship. There are a bun Continue reading

Drivers Education at Two Hundred Miles Per Hour

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Every one of us has been stuck in rush hour traffic at one time or another, sitting behind the wheel of minivan or a sensible sedan. Maybe the air conditioner is broken. Maybe we sing along to the radio station (assuming, of course, that any good stations are in range). At that moment, inevitably, we find ourselves dreaming, if only for a few second, that instead of being stuck in an interminable rush hour behind the wheel of our boring cars, we were actually piloting an authentic Nascar race car around the laps of the motor speedway.

There is a romance to Nascar car racing. It is part of the fabric of American culture. We hear the names, Rusty, Danica, Dale, and we know exactly who they are. Nascar racing is a sport of skill and endurance. In order to win, a driver must master not only himself, but als Continue reading

NASCAR Is Here for the Summer

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Watching NASCAR cars fly around a track is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can see. Cars speeding at around 200 mph will get adrenaline pumping and blood flowing. NASCAR races 2013 have kicked off for the year and it has been more intense than ever. Seeing Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson win the most recent races, there has been fun races to watch of late.

The amazing teamwork it takes for the pit crew to successfully change tires, fill gas, and make minor fixes in the shortest time possible during a race is astounding. NASCAR race car drivers have the quickest reflexes and best driving abilities. When a car pulls to a wall or if they are bumped, they have to react so quickly and control the car while it spins out of control. Then they have to get it out of the way of the drivers behind them so no one gets hurt. The control and knowledge that the drivers have is truly amazing.

Enjoying the Nascar racing experience is a thing of beauty. I am glad that the racing season has started off with such a powerful bang because the entertainment is what it is all about. NASCAR cars provide us fans with the best sport for the summer months to spend a lazy Sunday relaxing and watching the speeding cars beat each other out for the trophy to claim who is the best.

NASCAR Cars and Technology

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NASCAR, or the National Association of Stock Car Racing, was formed in 1948. Since then NASCAR car racing has become a hugely popular spectator sport. Some NASCAR racing venues can hold up to 170,000 spectators in the stands and the infield. NASCAR cars and the whole Nascar racing experience developed as a very localized racing community built by former moonshine runners in the southern U.S.

These days though, the sport has evolved into a high tech team driven endeavor. NASCAR race cars typically reach speeds up around 180 to 200 mph depending on the track and race conditions. As the speed of the NASCAR cars has increased, so to has the technology surrounding the cars.

The racecar drivers experience from 2 to 3 Gs, the measure of force of gravity, on each turn and their vehicles interior gets up to 120 degrees. The drivers race suits and helmets have to account for these conditions. The NASCAR cars have instrument systems that measure everything while its on the track. The technology is critical since the NASCAR cars bodies and engines have to follow specific guidelines so that they are virtually the same.

The team mechanics and engineers look for any way to provide an advantage, such as through tire pressure adjustments, driver hydration, car lubrication and pit stop strategies. The little differences are so critical that one racing team spent over 10 million dollars for motor oil R and D to get an extra 10 horsepower. The NASCAR cars also have to adhere to car body templates that have minimal tolerances.

The NASCAR series of races has established itself as a profitable business as well that can award top dollar to the drivers and teams, thus helping to fund the technology improvements. There can be over 4 million dollars in prize money for each race winner. The teams also get corporate advertising dollars for ad placement on their NASCAR cars. The broadcasts also generate advertising dollars at the tune of half a million dollars per ad for some of the more famous races.

Feed Your Need for Speed

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When the roar of an engine rips around the corner of the block, you probably jump out of your seat but not out of excitement. The words that come out of your mouth are less likely to be published in the newspaper, the look on your face is a mangled mess of malice, and you might even consider using your hands to express how you feel in addition. That is quite a contrast to how you might react while watching NASCAR racing though. The sound of excessive horsepower, screaming fans, and the announcer screaming as the checkered flag drops is all part of the NASCAR racing experience.

If you are a fan of NASCAR car racing then you know the pure exhilaration that comes with every screaming turn that Nascar race cars make. Nascar racing events, themselves, are like a giant festival to celebrate high speeds and burning rubber. Thousands of fans converge onto a track for the weekend to soak in their favorite driver and cheer them on to victory. Some other things to do are to browse countless trailers filled with NASCAR racing merchandise that show your loyalty and support.

To find a NASCAR races 2013 schedule, it will probably be as easy as searching the NASCAR racing website and scanning through the planned races coming up in a town near you. For most of the time, NASCAR racing occurs during the summer and fall months, so you should plan on getting to a NASCAR racing event sometime between them. With all the pageantry and power that comes with NASCAR racing, it truly is a spectacle to witness, up close and in person. Skip the day at the beach and get out to see some NASCAR racing before you miss out. Take a look at the NASCAR racing website to give yourself all the NASCAR racing information you will ever need.