Should Your Group Purchase a New Bus or a Used Bus?

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The day is fast approaching when you and your group are going to be sitting down to discuss the benefits of used vs new busses. Whether you are purchasing a church bus, or a party bus, a defining decision will need to be made around whether you choose new, or used. Before you go into this discussion, it’s important to know the different angles and benefits of each option.

The benefits of used vs new busses.

A primary benefit of a used bus is its affordability. New vehicles lose an incredible percentage of their value after they are purchased, and in the first year, so buying a new bus is typically something that you do only if you want a very customized vehicle with zero miles on it. Also, a used bus offers the advantage of allowing you to see the quality of the bus parts more clearly, Continue reading

Five Advantages of Using Car Wrap Advertising

Full vehicle wrap

Picture the scene: You’re standing at a crosswalk, waiting for the “Walk” sign to illuminate across the way. Dozens of cars are passing in front of you through the traffic light, when suddenly, you see a gigantic bee come buzzing down the center lane! You follow it down the road, eventually realizing that it’s not some sort of overgrown killer insect, but a carefully planted piece of car wrap advertising. And it just worked on you. Here are four reasons why.

Car wraps can speak in solid colors.

One of the most important aspects of branding is the color choices a company uses to identify with. Coca-Cola is red, Pepsi is blue, and so forth. That’s why tons of businesses tend to stick to easily identifiable, often primary colors to represent their image. Continue reading

A Guide to Wheel Rims for the Average Car Owner

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Most car owners don’t know the difference between their timing belt, and a sanding belt.

Did you look up the pictures? Good. Obviously, they’re very different. Sanding belts aren’t found inside your engine, first of all, but unless you’re a car enthusiast or a mechanic, there is little reason to understand the intricacies of your car. It’s more likely that you’ll take a look at your wheel rims and get a nagging feeling that they probably shouldn’t look so used and abused. Since you did have to look up the difference between sanding, and timing belts, here is some helpful information so that you can know when you might need rim repair services, such as rim mounting and balancing, rim painting, and rim refinishing.

Rim Painting

If you see that your rims are more than just one color, then rim pa Continue reading