Three Benefits of Subaru Vehicles

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Did you know that Subaru ran a series of advertisements from 1995 to 2000 which starred Paul Hogan as his “Crocodile Dundee” film character? Subaru was founded in 1953, and Subaru of America was established in Philadelphia in 1968. Subaru is the 26th largest auto manufacturer in the world because there are many benefits of driving Subaru vehicles. Since there are several advantages of Subaru cars, Subaru inventory can be found at many new and used Subaru dealers.

1. Engine. Many Subaru vehicles are known for their use of the boxer engine layout. Boxer engines are flat and move the pistons horizontally, which results in better fuel economy, less vibration, lower center of gravity, and more safety. Continue reading

The Importance of Keeping Track of the Oil in Your Engine

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Amazingly, the EPA says that two gallons of used oil, if properly recycled, is enough to run the electricity of an average home for up to 24 hours. There are many different motor oil types, motor oil suppliers, and motor oil standards, and it is incredibly important for people to know the right kind of motor oil to use in their engine and where to get the best oil change services.

Changing the oil in an engine is very important to do after a preset amount of miles, as oil is integral to the performance of an engine. Mechanics and car dealers can tell you the recommended motor oil for your engine, and online review sites can point you in the direction of the best oil change Continue reading

Professional-grade Storage – the Most Important Aspect for Your Tool Collection

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Tool kits and sets are important resources for both professional, and general uses. As Americans, general tool sets are there for us when we need to make slight household and vehicle repairs. Comparatively, industrial and professional tool kits are necessary for larger-scale purposes. In the United States, professional tool kits are most common in the automotive repair field, and industrial workers require professional tool and equipment for their specific duties. In many cases, industrial workers need the proper storage using a professional tool chest, in order to hold a large variety of equipment, and keep it organized well. Continue reading

How Close Is Your Honda Civic Hybrid Battery to Failure?

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Do you know what your hybrid battery warranty is? If you own an older Honda Civic hybrid, then this might be a great time to check. Electric batteries for cars are different than the batteries that keep hybrid systems running. In a hybrid system, it’s the battery that allows the Honda Civic to get about 44 miles per gallon, and to use the gasoline sparingly, reducing harmful emissions. Good hybrid fuel economy is key, but a faulty battery can mean either reduced efficiency, or an inability to run at all.

Unfortunately, an outpouring of consumer dissatisfaction over the past few Continue reading