Building a Tradition of Excellence The Chevy Difference

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Our lives have been forever changed thanks to the widespread availability of reliable automobiles. First introduced over a century ago, modern vehicles have allowed us to greatly increase the distance we can travel; a five mile trip to the store can be achieved in a matter of minutes rather than the hours it would have taken a carriage. As automotive manufacturers continue to release newer models and innovations every year car buyers must continually face the question of whether to buy a used or new car from the dealership.

New Versus Used Car Dealerships

The allure of a new car is almost a justifiable reason by itself to purchase the latest model. The amount of technology that comes standard with newer cars includes but is not limited to rear-view cameras, touch screen Continue reading

Tips for Getting the Greatest Lifespan Out of Your Hybrid Battery

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Are you considering a Honda Accord hybrid vehicle? If you ask any mechanic what type of vehicle is the most reliable and efficient, they will all immediately tell you to get one a Honda or Toyota. Among Hondas and Toyotas, Honda Accords are the cream of the crop. Now, driving a Honda Accord Hybrid is even better. Hybrid vehicles cost far less in gas than conventional fuel powered vehicles, and have a lower impact on the planet. Driving a Honda Accord Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds.

However, you may be concerned about Honda Accord hybrid battery life expectancy. It is true, the Honda Accord hybrid battery is the beating heart of the vehicle, and the most expensive part to replace. As suc Continue reading

4 Myths About Prom You Need to Stop Believing

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It?s almost prom night! And with this amazing night comes a lot of planning. After all, you only get one prom (usually, anyway), so it?s worth your time to make sure it?s a great experience.

Not surprisingly, many misunderstandings and myths surround prom night. We?ve collected some of the important facts for you, in order to make planning your big night easier. Let?s review!

Myth: You Need to Spend $200 on Your Dress

While the average amount spent on a dress is $195, you don?t need to spend this much. Most stores offer numerous stylish dresses for under $100, and in 2016 it?s incredibly easy to go online and find a unique dress for much less than what the stores are offering. Additionally, you can try hitting up your local Goodwill. There are a ton of dresses there th Continue reading