Why Do Automobiles Symbolize Freedom?

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Automobiles are almost synonymous with the American way of life. Cars mean freedom, for anyone between the ages of sixteen to seventy-five. Not surprisingly, the automobile industry is one of the largest and most important in this country. As more and more people are discovering, buying used cars can now be a great car buying experience, as you get reliability and mobility at a lower price.

Getting around in a large country
It’s a large country. The land mass of the U.S. is estimated to be around 3.8 million square miles. That makes it the fourth largest country in the world, behind only Russia, China and Canada. That’s one of the reasons why the history of the country can almost be written as a history of forms of transportation, from pioneer wagons to horse and buggy to Continue reading

How Ignition Interlock Devices Are Saving Lives

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According to statistics, each day across the country, there are 28 people who are killed as a result of a drunk driver. This is a major problem. When 28 people are dying every single day due to the same completely avoidable issue, there needs to be some major changes. Laws are altered in the hopes that offenses will go down, and police officers remain vigilant in their patrols. But one major element that is helping to make a dent in those drunk driving occurrences is the growing use of ignition interlock devices.

What is an interlock device?

An interlock device is a system that is hooked up to
your car’s ignition, requiring you to blow into a breathalyzer before Continue reading

Buying A Vintage AC Cobra? What To Consider

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Have your eye on a vintage AC Cobra? This 1960s beauty is beloved by car hobbyists around the world. Whether its an original model or an AC Cobra replica, it’s important to take the time to find the right one. By making the best purchase on this car, you can ensure it will stay in pristine quality for years to come. Before you decide to buy, consider the following factors.

  • Exterior Condition: As a vintage car enthusiast, you already know the importance of choosing a model that is in top condition. But be sure to look out Continue reading