Do You Have a Windshield Crack That You Need to Fix?

When to get your windshield repaired

The windshield crack that started very small has turned into a major problem. So much so that you are forcing your husband to get the problem fixed immediately. And while your husband was certain that he could not take the time to get an appointment at a windshield repair service, you convinced hime to simply switch cars and that you would take care of getting the appointment. He was reluctant at first because he was certain that he could not go a day without the truck, but your persistence prevailed. Once the replacement window had been installed, even your husband admitted that it was a problem that needed to be fixed.
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Does Your Current Construction Project Rely on Heavy Equipment?

Grouser bar tracks

A number of construction projects rely on various kinds of heavy construction equipment. With the additions of tipping bars, grouser steel tracks, and other additions and modifications, these heavy pieces of equipment can help complete a number of projects and buildings. Heavy equipment, with the help of ice lugs, for instance can even work in the most difficult of environments and in the most challenging of weather conditions.
As the nation begins to prepare to help the recovery and rebuilding process of Hurricane Harvey, it will require thousands of pieces of heavy equipment and additions like tipping bars and other add ons. From moving broken tree limb Continue reading