Why the Next Car Should Have the Label Certified Pre-Owned

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When looking for used cars for sale, it can be difficult to settle on the right one. Sometime individuals find it easier to buy cars that are new, because they feel these vehicles will have had less problems to begin with and give them more confidence. Others argue that it is better to just find a used vehicle that has not been driven a lot, and to hope for the best when driving it. However, thanks to certified pre-owned vehicles (also called CPO), there is a happy medium that folks will find when dealing with used cars. Here are some of the many reasons that people pick CPO cars over ones that are used or brand new.

CPO Can Still Be Used, But Has an Age Limit

When looking for used cars for sale, CPO cars still fit into this category. Car dealerships can direc Continue reading

Are You Looking Forward to the Day When You Have the Time and the Money for a Muscle Car?


Some day.
As you watch your neighbor head out on Saturday morning in his Shelby Cobra kit car you are leaving the house in the family van. With both kids in tow, you are headed for a drop off at gymnastics for your daughter and then heading to your son’s soccer practice.
This is your life.
It will not, however, always be this way.
Some day you, too, can chose a car out of passion, instead of function. You will be able to head out on a Saturday morning driving your Shelby Cobra kit car heading toward no specific destination. Just a day out enjoying the nice weather in a sporty little car that does not need room for leotards and soccer balls.
Classi Continue reading