How Your Community Can Benefit From Supporting Local Minority Owned Dealerships

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How do define community and what does community mean to you? For many people, community is defined as their local area while for others it can extend into different aspects of their lifestyle. Regardless of how you define community, showing support for ones community and its beliefs is at the core of what it means to be an American.

In today’s current political and socioeconomic climate, the definition of community has become more important than ever. And while community can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, you can do your part to support your immediate, local community by becoming a conscious consumer.

As a consumer, you hold a tremendous amount of buying power and influence, and choosing where and how you spend your money can make all the difference in your r Continue reading

In the Market for a Used Vehicle? Keep These Five Tips in Mind

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There are many advantages to purchasing a used vehicle. Some of these advantages include the consistent value of the vehicle, the reduced cost, and the certified warranty that is sometimes offered by the auto dealer. There are likely many used cars for sale in your city, so how do you choose the right one? These buying tips will help you smartly shop for a used vehicle and ensure that you get the best deal.

Create a buying plan ahead of time

It can be risky to head to an auto dealership without a buying plan in mind. You might be tempted to purchase the first vehicle you see, whether or not it fits with your budget or driving needs. You also might be pushed to make a buying decision faster than you feel comfortable. Before ever stepping foot into a local dealership, Continue reading

What Makes a Car Family Friendly?

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Some of our happiest childhood memories are of road trips in the family car. Family friendly cars that combine practicality with value become companions on the road, a home away from home. Auto dealers frequently recommend Buick cars as a good choice for family cars, since they offer all the features that matter: safety, value, room and WiFi to keep the kids busy during those long hours on the road.

Road trips are a continuing tradition
Family road trips are a tradition that continues from generation to generation. Whether it?s a camping trip just a hundred miles away or a family reunion across the country, there?s nothing quite like packing the basics for a few days or a few weeks, putting the kids and the dog in the car, and hitting the road. Of course in these days the basics in Continue reading

Frequently Asked Vehicle Maintenance Questions

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Many Americans own a personal vehicle. In fact, it is needed in many parts of the country that do not have sufficient public transportation available. Owning a vehicle requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Yet, many vehicle owners are not aware of proper upkeep schedules. These are some of the most common questions when it comes to maintaining a personal vehicle.

How many miles are too many to purchase a vehicle?
Vehicles are often described in terms of mileage. When you look at a for sale listing you probably specifically look for the number of miles. Even upkeep schedules are done by miles. While the number of miles on a vehicle is somewhat important, they are not the most important factor to consider. It is more important to pay attention to the individual parts of the v Continue reading

Embossed Clamps and Other Parts Help Make Your Product More Unique

Extra large hose clamps

It was 26 years ago and the picture requires some explaining.
At the time you were working for the trucking company that was owned by your dad. As a surprise, the president of the company arranged for you and your new husband to travel from the church to the reception in a brand new stand up sleeper semi. The guys from the parts department tied tall boy beer cans on the back, and it was pretty fun! In fact, you were featured in a trucking magazine with this picture. And now, on your 26th anniversary, you enjoy sharing this photo again. And while your dad has retired and that truck is no longer part of your life, you only have a few things left from that day. The picture. And the three of the embossed clamps from that semi.
Your husband initially thought that it was a silly anniversary gift, bu Continue reading