What is an Interlock and an Interlock Cup?

Arizona interlock

How much is too much to drink? It depends on a lot of things, such as body size, sex, how fast you’ve drunk, and what you ate before or during drinking. Most states consider legal intoxication to be a blood alcohol level of 0.80% or more; however, in many states you can still be arrested and convicted even with a blood alcohol level of less than this.

There are many ideas constantly floated to deal with the issue of DUIs, and since the cost every year of alcohol-related crashes is more than $59 billion, it’s in everyone’s best interests to minimize drunk driving. The sad truth is that drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher that are involved in a fatal crash are six times more likely to have been convicted of a DUI at Continue reading

Cars Essential to Get Around

Ford f350

The car. It is a statement in America of the open road. A person driving behind the wheel of the car. Air whipping his or her hair back. Sunglasses masking their eyes from the glare of the sun. The ability to go anywhere in America, on their own terms. The ability to see the country, to stop at destinations, to see the world.

Since then, the car has lost some of its luster. Back when the car was first invented, few people could afford it. It was a privilege of the rich and the wealthy. Then slowly, more and more people were able to buy a vehicle. There are situations in which the vehicle became less pricey. More and more had a car and soon it beca Continue reading

Hiring A Corporate Transportation Service For Your Next Company Event

Hiring a party bus

Are you a corporate event coordinator looking to plan an event for your organization? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of employers every day are looking ways to get their teams out of the office and learn more about one another! Team building is one of the keys to productivity after all! Event planning can be stressful, but there are a few ways to do yourself a few favors and avoid the anxiety. One of the ways is to hire transportation for your event, whether it be to a few places around the town you live in or to a totally different city. Below are a few ideas on which type of transportation your event might need depending on who you are transporting and why:

1. Corporate Transportation Services – Companies all over America are capitalizing on fun. Studies show that when your em Continue reading

Limos A Way to Have a Good Time

Fun party bus

You want a party. It’s going to be a big party, with lots of friends. You want to live the high life and show people a good time. This party, which is going to be phenomenal, needs to come with the boundaries. There will be fun but not too much fun. And there will be a safe way to get around.

The limo is something that is seen often in movies and more rarely in real life. A limo is a stretch vehicle, where the driver is up front and the passengers are in a long section in the back. The long section in the back often has drinks and food. It is the ride for a party, often used during prom or other events.

It can be a staple of New Year’s Eve. Or St. Patrick’s day. The limo is a safe way to get around. It also conveys a sense of grandeur and sophistication. There are some statistics worth noting about li Continue reading