In the Market for a Used Vehicle? Keep These Five Tips in Mind

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There are many advantages to purchasing a used vehicle. Some of these advantages include the consistent value of the vehicle, the reduced cost, and the certified warranty that is sometimes offered by the auto dealer. There are likely many used cars for sale in your city, so how do you choose the right one? These buying tips will help you smartly shop for a used vehicle and ensure that you get the best deal.

Create a buying plan ahead of time

It can be risky to head to an auto dealership without a buying plan in mind. You might be tempted to purchase the first vehicle you see, whether or not it fits with your budget or driving needs. You also might be pushed to make a buying decision faster than you feel comfortable. Before ever stepping foot into a local dealership, Continue reading

What Makes a Car Family Friendly?

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Some of our happiest childhood memories are of road trips in the family car. Family friendly cars that combine practicality with value become companions on the road, a home away from home. Auto dealers frequently recommend Buick cars as a good choice for family cars, since they offer all the features that matter: safety, value, room and WiFi to keep the kids busy during those long hours on the road.

Road trips are a continuing tradition
Family road trips are a tradition that continues from generation to generation. Whether it?s a camping trip just a hundred miles away or a family reunion across the country, there?s nothing quite like packing the basics for a few days or a few weeks, putting the kids and the dog in the car, and hitting the road. Of course in these days the basics in Continue reading

Frequently Asked Vehicle Maintenance Questions

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Many Americans own a personal vehicle. In fact, it is needed in many parts of the country that do not have sufficient public transportation available. Owning a vehicle requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Yet, many vehicle owners are not aware of proper upkeep schedules. These are some of the most common questions when it comes to maintaining a personal vehicle.

How many miles are too many to purchase a vehicle?
Vehicles are often described in terms of mileage. When you look at a for sale listing you probably specifically look for the number of miles. Even upkeep schedules are done by miles. While the number of miles on a vehicle is somewhat important, they are not the most important factor to consider. It is more important to pay attention to the individual parts of the v Continue reading

Embossed Clamps and Other Parts Help Make Your Product More Unique

Extra large hose clamps

It was 26 years ago and the picture requires some explaining.
At the time you were working for the trucking company that was owned by your dad. As a surprise, the president of the company arranged for you and your new husband to travel from the church to the reception in a brand new stand up sleeper semi. The guys from the parts department tied tall boy beer cans on the back, and it was pretty fun! In fact, you were featured in a trucking magazine with this picture. And now, on your 26th anniversary, you enjoy sharing this photo again. And while your dad has retired and that truck is no longer part of your life, you only have a few things left from that day. The picture. And the three of the embossed clamps from that semi.
Your husband initially thought that it was a silly anniversary gift, bu Continue reading

Why the Next Car Should Have the Label Certified Pre-Owned

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When looking for used cars for sale, it can be difficult to settle on the right one. Sometime individuals find it easier to buy cars that are new, because they feel these vehicles will have had less problems to begin with and give them more confidence. Others argue that it is better to just find a used vehicle that has not been driven a lot, and to hope for the best when driving it. However, thanks to certified pre-owned vehicles (also called CPO), there is a happy medium that folks will find when dealing with used cars. Here are some of the many reasons that people pick CPO cars over ones that are used or brand new.

CPO Can Still Be Used, But Has an Age Limit

When looking for used cars for sale, CPO cars still fit into this category. Car dealerships can direc Continue reading

Are You Looking Forward to the Day When You Have the Time and the Money for a Muscle Car?


Some day.
As you watch your neighbor head out on Saturday morning in his Shelby Cobra kit car you are leaving the house in the family van. With both kids in tow, you are headed for a drop off at gymnastics for your daughter and then heading to your son’s soccer practice.
This is your life.
It will not, however, always be this way.
Some day you, too, can chose a car out of passion, instead of function. You will be able to head out on a Saturday morning driving your Shelby Cobra kit car heading toward no specific destination. Just a day out enjoying the nice weather in a sporty little car that does not need room for leotards and soccer balls.
Classi Continue reading

Do You Have a Windshield Crack That You Need to Fix?

When to get your windshield repaired

The windshield crack that started very small has turned into a major problem. So much so that you are forcing your husband to get the problem fixed immediately. And while your husband was certain that he could not take the time to get an appointment at a windshield repair service, you convinced hime to simply switch cars and that you would take care of getting the appointment. He was reluctant at first because he was certain that he could not go a day without the truck, but your persistence prevailed. Once the replacement window had been installed, even your husband admitted that it was a problem that needed to be fixed.
Continue reading

Does Your Current Construction Project Rely on Heavy Equipment?

Grouser bar tracks

A number of construction projects rely on various kinds of heavy construction equipment. With the additions of tipping bars, grouser steel tracks, and other additions and modifications, these heavy pieces of equipment can help complete a number of projects and buildings. Heavy equipment, with the help of ice lugs, for instance can even work in the most difficult of environments and in the most challenging of weather conditions.
As the nation begins to prepare to help the recovery and rebuilding process of Hurricane Harvey, it will require thousands of pieces of heavy equipment and additions like tipping bars and other add ons. From moving broken tree limb Continue reading

Why Do Automobiles Symbolize Freedom?

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Automobiles are almost synonymous with the American way of life. Cars mean freedom, for anyone between the ages of sixteen to seventy-five. Not surprisingly, the automobile industry is one of the largest and most important in this country. As more and more people are discovering, buying used cars can now be a great car buying experience, as you get reliability and mobility at a lower price.

Getting around in a large country
It’s a large country. The land mass of the U.S. is estimated to be around 3.8 million square miles. That makes it the fourth largest country in the world, behind only Russia, China and Canada. That’s one of the reasons why the history of the country can almost be written as a history of forms of transportation, from pioneer wagons to horse and buggy to Continue reading

How Ignition Interlock Devices Are Saving Lives

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According to statistics, each day across the country, there are 28 people who are killed as a result of a drunk driver. This is a major problem. When 28 people are dying every single day due to the same completely avoidable issue, there needs to be some major changes. Laws are altered in the hopes that offenses will go down, and police officers remain vigilant in their patrols. But one major element that is helping to make a dent in those drunk driving occurrences is the growing use of ignition interlock devices.

What is an interlock device?

An interlock device is a system that is hooked up to
your car’s ignition, requiring you to blow into a breathalyzer before Continue reading