4 Myths About Prom You Need to Stop Believing

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It?s almost prom night! And with this amazing night comes a lot of planning. After all, you only get one prom (usually, anyway), so it?s worth your time to make sure it?s a great experience.

Not surprisingly, many misunderstandings and myths surround prom night. We?ve collected some of the important facts for you, in order to make planning your big night easier. Let?s review!

Myth: You Need to Spend $200 on Your Dress

While the average amount spent on a dress is $195, you don?t need to spend this much. Most stores offer numerous stylish dresses for under $100, and in 2016 it?s incredibly easy to go online and find a unique dress for much less than what the stores are offering. Additionally, you can try hitting up your local Goodwill. There are a ton of dresses there th Continue reading