Are Your Home Improvement Projects Driving You Crazy? The Right Hose Clamp Can Solve it All

Aba clamp

Looking for a weekend hobby? There are millions of American home owners who enjoy working on their homes and backyards. In fact, the market for home improvement supplies has grown recently to over $300 billion every year, an increase of about 6% over last year’s sales. Part of learning to drill, hammer, and fix everything from leaky faucets to sub-flooring is becoming familiar with home improvement equipment, and although it can seem endless at times, there is one piece of equipment that every “do-it-yourselfer” can expect to encounter.

Finding the term “hose clamp” on an instructional home improvement website should mean a quick trip to the hardware store, but there are so many varieties that choosing the right one can be difficult at first. Basically, a hose clamp is used to seal synthetic rubber hosin Continue reading