Embossed Clamps and Other Parts Help Make Your Product More Unique

Extra large hose clamps

It was 26 years ago and the picture requires some explaining.
At the time you were working for the trucking company that was owned by your dad. As a surprise, the president of the company arranged for you and your new husband to travel from the church to the reception in a brand new stand up sleeper semi. The guys from the parts department tied tall boy beer cans on the back, and it was pretty fun! In fact, you were featured in a trucking magazine with this picture. And now, on your 26th anniversary, you enjoy sharing this photo again. And while your dad has retired and that truck is no longer part of your life, you only have a few things left from that day. The picture. And the three of the embossed clamps from that semi.
Your husband initially thought that it was a silly anniversary gift, bu Continue reading