Want To Upgrade Your Truck? Consider A Spray On Bedliner

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Looking to give your truck an overhaul? There are many things you can do to give your beloved vehicle a new coat of shine, whether it’s changing out the tires, taking it to the car wash or, quite literally, giving it an updated paint job. If you want to boost its durability, however, you might want to consider buying some wrap cut tape and installing a new bedliner. A good chunk of Americans are turning toward spray bedliners as their go-to fix-it project for its plethora of benefits and easy installation process. Using wrap cuts and and affordable spray on bedlinersContinue reading

What Makes American Truck Owners So Brand Loyal? Experts Study Buying Patterns Over Decades

Bed liner spray

As sales of pickup trucks continue to see unprecedented growth from coast to coast, truck owners report that they are looking for innovative ways to upgrade their vehicles. In the last decade, the market for vinyl car and truck wraps has remained strong in every state; while an increasing number of small business owners contract for complete vinyl vehicle wraps for advertising and marketing purposes, the average truck owner is looking for durable, memorable truck accents and wraps.
More than 1.5 million pickup trucks are sold in the United States every single year, and truck dealerships report high customer interest in rocker panel truck wraps, custom interior “skins,” full body camouflage truck wraps, windshield decals, and custom vehicle emblem “skins.”Continue reading