Nascar Race Cars

Nascar cars

Nascar is one of the most popular sports in America, and keeps people interested throughout the year. Nascar car racing is a unique experience, as although there are a ton of other racing outlets throughout America, nascar is the most famous and most profitable, as well as the most elite.

Nascar cars are all part of racing groups and sponsored by a particular company. The company has its brand image on the cars, so people can see which companies are affiliated with which racer and racing group. There are major racing groups that have a bunch of different racers involved in each particular race, so there is a higher chance the race team in question will get more points.

Nascar racing is scored using a points system. At the end of the year, whoever has the most points wins the overall championship. There are a bunch of races throughout the year people can win, and the object is to get as many wins as you can primarily, but points are what you want as well.

Nascar race cars are expensive. There are a lot of wrecks every year, and since the cars are lightweight, they break fairly easily. Racers can expect to go through a few cars a year. Furthermore, work always needs to be done on the car, as the exhaustive nature of a race can wipe a car out very quickly.

A few different automakers produce nascar race cars. Not every car is the same brand nor the same engine. Every nascar race car is unique, and it seems like drivers use a new car every race. The pit stop crew does a lot of work on cars every day, including several times during the race. Since races can last a long time, this is crucial to how well the racer does and how much profit the racing group can make.

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Alice Stratt

I'm Alice, from Bristol Tennessee, and I love NASCAR. I've never raced myself but I grew up right there off the track, watching my dad race the #94 car and learning how to work on my own engine. Now I'm all grown up and have a shop of my own, but I still help out in the #94 pit for my old man. Want to learn more about NASCAR or auto repair? Read on!