Buying a Car? Three Things Everyone Should Know

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Did you know that flat, asphalt roads were originally built not for motorists driving vehicles, as is often believed, but for cyclists? Perhaps we have bicycles to thank for the lack of cobble stoned highways.

Are you planning to buy a car, and interested in knowing a lot more about what it is you’re going to be investing in? Many people see cars as simply a mechanical device with an engine to run it. But really, when you peel back the everyday use of cars, they can be a mysterious and sometimes dangerous mode of transportation. Here are three interesting facts about cars that you should know.

1. Cars are Going to be More Futuristic

When children are asked to draw the future, one of the top themes in their illustrations is hover cars. While this particular development might still be a long Continue reading

When Your Church Needs a Bus, Will You Lease, or Buy?

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If your congregation has never had a church bus before, but is considering one now, then there are plenty of great reasons to go forward with it. A church bus can ensure that even the oldest members of your congregation can still take part in services and extra programs. If there are special events or outings, your church can provide the transportation and allow them to be safely included in all activities. Having a church bus can also help with outreach, as it will allow church staff to provide transportation to Sunday school, and give more families the opportunity to take part in your congregation.

Unfortunately, wanting a church bus is one thing, and getting it is another. There are advantages to either purchasing a used shuttle bus for sale for your church, or going through Continue reading