Buying a Car? Three Things Everyone Should Know

Car video clips

Did you know that flat, asphalt roads were originally built not for motorists driving vehicles, as is often believed, but for cyclists? Perhaps we have bicycles to thank for the lack of cobble stoned highways.

Are you planning to buy a car, and interested in knowing a lot more about what it is you’re going to be investing in? Many people see cars as simply a mechanical device with an engine to run it. But really, when you peel back the everyday use of cars, they can be a mysterious and sometimes dangerous mode of transportation. Here are three interesting facts about cars that you should know.

1. Cars are Going to be More Futuristic

When children are asked to draw the future, one of the top themes in their illustrations is hover cars. While this particular development might still be a longtime coming, it’s no secret that automobiles are one technology that millions of dollars worth of research and development is poured into every year. In fact, Nissan has pledged to create a self-driven car by 2020. This rather tight timetable might be the result of Google saying that their own self-driving car technology will be ready for market by an earlier 2017. This technology will not be totally autonomous but will help prevent- presumably- the majority of crashes.

2. Racing Cars Videos

You can find out a lot about car culture by watching racing cars videos and participating in, or at least listening in on, conversations about different car models and modifications. You will get an idea about different factors that make cars more powerful, or more efficient. Watching fast car videos is a lot safer than driving yourself; be wary of getting involved with street racing and other such stunts. NASCAR only had 8 deaths since 2000; street racing causes 135 deaths in the U.S. every year.

3. Car Pricing Websites

Comparitive websites are often one of the single best tools you have in your arsenal once you go in to buy a car. Sites like Edmunds, TrueCar,and US News Ranking and Reviews give you the average price that different consumers paid for your car around the country. It will also give you valuable feedback about car performance, reliability, fuel economy, and more. They have information about both new and used vehicles. Car review websites can help you determine whether a particular make or model has the things you’re looking for in a vehicle.

Do you watch racing cars videos? What cars websites have you looked at so far?