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4 Tips for Finding a Good Storage Unit Facility

Car storage tips

If you are planning on going away for awhile, you may have considered using car storage units for your vehicles that you are not taking with you. There are several options available when it comes to secure car storage as well self storage units. Here are a few storage unit tips in case you are looking into storing vehicles or other large items while you are gone. The storage unit tips would vary depend on the time you are planning on using the unit for but this article should give you some good information regarding storage unit tips.

Beware of Rodents
While the walls and floor do provide some protection from critters and rodents, they still can make their way into the storage units if something attracts them. Leaving a car outside can be detrimental to the car because of the elements that attract small animals to a sitting vehicle but a storage unit can still have some risk factor. Leaving mousetraps and mothballs in and around the car is a good idea to detract unwanted attention to the car. Make sure that the car if completely clean inside and out and no food or other attractive elements have been left in the car for animals for sniff out.

Insure Your Vehicle
Make sure that you insurance doesn’t lapse while the vehicle is in storage. You may want to look into additional unit insurance as well, should anything happen while the car is in storage. Some self storage unit companies take absolutely zero responsibility for anything that happens inside the unit so you want to ensure that you are completely covered before you leave your vehicle there. However, there are some facilities that offer extra insurance of their own. you can probably get a few thousand dollars worth of coverage for around 10 dollars a month through the facility.

Consider the Price
Cheaper is not always better. You don’t want to go for the most expensive unit either but don’t automatically go for a unit based on the price alone. Think about the cost compared to security measures, location and even after hours access if you need to pick up your car after regular business hours. Convenience and peace of mind are just as important as how much you pay. You may end up spending a little more than you had wanted to but if you pay less an then something happens to your car, you’d be spending a lot more money anyway. Better to pay a little more and know that your car is going to be okay then to take the cheap option only to pay for it later, literally.

Check out the Reputation
The best way to find anything new is to go by word of mouth. If you know someone that is happy and satisfied with the storage unit they are using then you probably will be to. However, if you don’t happen to know anyone with anything in storage, then you will want to make sure you check out the reputation and reviews of the facilities you are considering. Most facilities will have some sort of website or something online that you can look at reviews but if they don’t, consider calling them and ask for references. If they don’t have any or are hesitant to share then this is a good sign that you you need to keep looking.

Keeping your car safe and taken care of is important while you are gone. If you are only going for a few weeks, then you don’t need to be as strict and careful than if you were going for say, six months or more. However, either way you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle while you are gone. This is the only way to be able to enjoy your time away. If you are a snow bird or regular traveler, then finding a storage unit is a long term endeavor that should take you some time to do. To add to the these storage unit tips, once you find that perfect storage facility, don’t let it go for anything! They can be a little difficult to come by.