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As a major piece of farming equipment, it is important for the tractor to have the best kind of front tractor tires and rear tractor wheels available. One possible option is looking at using IF or VF tires for your tractor. IF stands for Increased Flexion while VF stands for Very High Flexion. These tires are often praised as the ideal choice for tractor tires, but how to determine if they are right for you? Here some pros and cons of IF/VF tractor tires to consider when buying new or used tractor tires.

  • Pro: The ability to carry a higher load
  • Unlike standard tractor tires, according to IF tires are designed to carry loads with 20% less air pressure than standard tractor tires while VF tires are designed to carry loads with 40% less pressure (when compared to standard tires).By carrying a higher load with a lower inflation pressure, IF and VF tires can increase the efficiency of your farm tractor because the lower pressure increases traction and allows the front tractor tires to be used for a longer period of time. This also leads to greater fuel efficiency for the tractor in the long run.
  • Pro: Increased Yield
  • An additional pro of using IF/VF tires for front tractor tires is that the lower pressure can help contribute to a higher crop yield. According to Agriculture.comthis is because, due to using less pressure, IF/VF tires won’t compact the earth as much as standard tires. Less compaction in the soil means more ground that can be used to grow crops which in turn increases the potential yield, all from using this special variety of tires.
  • Con: Using the Wrong Pressure can Lead to Problems
  • For all the benefits that come from using IF/VF tractor tires, it cannot be stressed enough that you must know the exact pressure needed for the job you need to do. According to Farmprogress.comif the tires are filled to the wrong pressure, the tractor can experience problems like power hop (a fore/aft vibration that can shake the tractor) or road lope (when a tractor physically sways and bounces while in motion), both problems that can severely damage your tractor over a long period of time.
  • In conclusion, while there are potential risks involved in using IF tires or VF tires, the advantages definitely outnumber the disadvantages. By using these tires, the tractor can carry loads with less pressure than a standard tractor tire would need to use. The lower tire pressure can also lead to an increased yield since less earth is compacted and rendered unusable for the season. The only major disadvantage that might come from using IF/VF tires is that if they are filled with the wrong pressure they can cause power hop or road lope. Despite that, the benefits far outweighs the risks.