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5 Reasons to Start Car Shopping at the Dealership

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If you are starting to look for a car, you have a few decisions to make right away. Your first is, do you go to a dealer or an individual? You can just start by searching Craigslist for “used cars for sale.” There are real benefits to going to a car dealer for new or pre owned cars. If, for example, you decide you want a Chevrolet because those cars are mentioned in a lot of songs you like (there are over one thousand songs that mention this kind of car), your first step should be to look for a local new Chevy dealer.

  1. You can check out a wide variety of models. Whether you are looking to buy a new car or want a pre owned vehicle the local new Chevy dealer can help you look at both. Take advantage of all the new and used cars they have in their inventory. Try a few out different car models to see which you like the best. A car can look and feel very different when you are driving it than it appears on paper or by its specifications on the internet. See how they handle and how comfortable they are. If you are taller, you may need a car with more leg room. If you are going to spend a lot of time in your car, having one that is not totally uncomfortable is important.
  2. You have more financing options. Dealerships have financing options that are not available when you buy a car from an individual. Ask the person at the local new Chevy dealer what promotions they have going to help you finance the car. They want to make buying a car affordable and may be willing to work with you. They may be in a much better position to help you buy the car than you think.
  3. Car salespeople are not the enemy. Many people have this idea that all cars sales people are a lot like vultures. They worry they will be attacked by these carnivores who will not let you leave the lot without buying a car from them. The people at the local new Chevy dealer are not out to make a sale at any cost. They are not helped by selling you a car that you cannot afford. They want you to leave a happy customer with the car you really want. Remember, if you leave and tell your friends how unhappy you are with the local new Chevy dealer, that hurts their business.
  4. You have more protections on cars bought at a dealer. Sure there are lemon laws to protect you from unscrupulous people selling cars but you are in a much better position when you buy from the local new Chevy dealer than an individual on Craigslist or in the local paper. They may be able to offer repairs on the car, for used vehicles, or other incentives that an individual cannot. Ask a lot of questions.
  5. The people at the dealer are experts. Ask the people at the local new Chevy dealer all of the questions you have about the car. They can let you know what kind of car would be the best for you and your lifestyle. If you need to drive a lot or haul a lot of stuff, they can direct to you the right model. You might do better with a used car than a new one where you can get more features for your money.

Chevys are popular cars. It is estimated that a Chevy is sold every 6.5 seconds. It has a long history and is one of the first American cars. Its emblem was designed in 1913. Since it was founded in 1912, more than 200 million Chevy cars and trucks have been sold around the planet. That means that there are Chevys in almost every country on earth. Some have said that if you took all of the Chevys that were sold in 2010 and lined them up, they would reach more than half way around the circumference of the planet. Whether you buy new or used, you cannot go wrong when you start your shopping at local Chevy dealerships.