Auto Glass Education for Auto Repair Technicians

Any respectable mechanic and auto repair technician must be familiar with the process of replacing the auto glass. That’s why Equalizer Auto Glass Tools uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “Auto Glass Academy, Auto Glass Technician Training, Windshield Replacement Training” describing a bit of what their auto glass classes offer their students. Let’s find out more!

Auto Glass Academy

Any mechanic knows that not every car is the same, and some have extremely tricky procedures when it comes to replacing and repairing their glass windows.

The main goal of their course is to teach every single teacher how to remove, replace and repair auto glass. They used the latest technology for the process and the best techniques so that you’ll be prepared to repair every single car that comes your way.

Video Source

Luckily, the course is only four days long. You will spend the first day in class, learning the basic theory of the industry. The next three days consist of hands-on workshops. You will have a small team with your instructor, and you’ll be using a specific vehicle.

Watch the rest of the video to learn more about it, and you’ll be ready to change any auto glass at the shop!