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California Car Inspection Laws What you need to Know

In California, it is mandatory that you have your vehicle inspected before any registration can take place. This inspection main focus is on whether the vehicle satisfies the emission standard as opposed to the safety standards of the car. Generally, california car inspection require that the car be tested on its emission systems. Considering the size of the state of California, the first step with regards to california car inspection is to determine if you live in an area that requires mandatory car inspection. This can be done by entering the zip code of the area you live in on the government website and you will be notified whether your vehicle needs to undergo california vehicle inspection. Information on pre purchase inspection can also come in the form of a notice that accompanies the registration renewal form. In relation to california car inspection, the inspection should be carried out every two years for cars that need to undergo emission tests. The notice that accompanies vehicle inspection los angeles should be able to notify you when the time comes for a subsequent inspection.

Exemptions to Inspections
Before you begin the process of getting your car inspected, it is important to note that there are certain vehicles that are exempted from the mandatory inspection. For starters, the mandatory inspection exempts electric vehicles and motorcycles. Also in the exemption list are gasoline powered vehicles that are older than 1975. Diesel powered automotive whose model year is 19997 or older are also excluded from regular california car inspection. New vehicles that are less than 6 years old can also be exempted from regular inspection but such exemption is conditional. It is required that new vehicle owners whose cars are eligible for exemptions pay a $20 smog abatement fee during the exemption period. However, such inspection exemption is not extended to non-resident vehicles as well as diesel-powered vehicles whose model year is newer than 1998.

California Vehicle Inspection Procedure
Cars requiring inspection will have their owners complete the inspection first before the renewal of their vehicle’s registration. What happens is that after inspection, the smog inspection stations transmit the results of the inspection electronically to the DMV. It is often recommended that you hold onto the results of the inspection until your vehicle registration is renewed. The certification from smog regarding your vehicle is only effective for approximately three months which is why the renewal of your vehicle’s registration should take place within 90 days or else you will be forced to have the car inspected yet again. So what happens if your vehicle fails the inspection? Different smog stations handle different tasks such as inspection. There are others that deal with inspection and repairs while others just handle repairs. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you will be required to do the necessary repairs that caused the failure. Once the repairs are done, the vehicle undergoes yet another inspection to ascertain the status of the emission system. If you are overwhelmed by expensive repairs, there is an assistance program that provides funds in the event that the vehicle owner cannot afford the repair cost.