Check Out the Biggest Limo Ever!

When you think of the life of a superstar, you probably think of fame, fortune, and a fabulous limo ride to wherever you need to be. Limousines are some of the most rented vehicles on the market, with people booking limo rides for birthdays, proms, and even just for a fun Friday night. Limousines are considered a different form of vehicle than a tradition car, and require special licenses to drive.

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If you’ve ever been in a limo, you know exactly why they’re so popular. With fancy lights, chilled drink coolers, and awesome stereo capabilities, limos make driving a luxury. In this video, we’ll get to take a look at the biggest limousine to ever hit the road.

This limousine is called the Midnight Rider, and it is a triple-decker luxury transport vehicle. What this limo lacks in outward style, it makes up for in inside experience. While it may look like an add semi-truck, inside is a full-size bar. The fully-upholstered seats make it the fanciest ride you’ll see on the state highway. Even the most famous of celebrities haven’t seen a limousine like this one!