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Customize Your AC Cobra for Maximum Power

Thew AC Cobra muscle car shook the muscle car world by storm in the early 1960s, from the earliest models onward. In fact, one AC Cobra Coupe famously hit a max speed of 186 mph, or 299 kph, on a British motorway in 1964. These cars can be a great source of pride for muscle car enthusiasts, and this hobby extends to customization. A custom roadster can be a thrill to drive and attractive to the eye, and perform well in races.

History of the Cobra

This muscle car entered the world in 1962, when Carroll Shelby obtained the body for the British AC Ace and, working with help from Ford, installed a Ford 260 engine into the car while working in his garage in California, according to Hemmings . At once, this light-bodied car with a powerful engine gave a phenomenal performance at races and ushered in a new era of muscle cars. Shelby’s work didn’t end there; he soon designed the Shelby Cobra 427 in 1964, and this time powered his creation with a Ford big block 7 litre engine, and for years, this car dominated nearly any road and track it touched. It could go from 0 to 60 mph in just over four seconds, and from 0 to 100 in 10.3 seconds, which is impressive even by today’s standards, 50 years later.

These cars are very rare and expensive, however, so starting in the early 1970s, replicas of these muscle cars started being built and sold for only a fraction of the price, and this authentic replication brought the joy of driving this muscle car to many. These replicas can be customized at the owner’s will, and often for cheap. An AC Cobra kit allows the user to make any Cobra replica his or her own, and show it off anywhere, or race it.

Making the Garage

According to Hot Rod, a private owner can create his or her own car customization garage to suit their needs. The location and building are key, such as whether to build this garage into an existing house or garage, or make it a separate structure entirely. Estimating and setting an appropriate budget is also important, and guessing high can prevent financial trouble later in the process. Next, the prospective builder must check with local and city building and ordinance codes and obey them when planning and building the garage, and hiring a contractor for his/her expert advice can help.

Once the garage is built, it can be fully stocked with anything the owner needs, and the layout, as well as shelves and storage space, should be arranged according to need. An AC Cobra is a fairly small car with a big engine, and an owner of such a muscle car will tailor the shop accordingly. And aesthetics also count; installing lots of lights, and painting the walls a warm and bright color, can both make the place a cheery and personal place to work and make it easier to see the parts being worked with. It is a private and personal space, after all, and should feel like one. The garage can be re-stocked with parts and equipment as needed.

With a custom-built and well-stocked garage, any AC Cobra replica is ready for work, and a Cobra car kit will be a joy to work with for any auto enthusiast.