repairing dents from hail

Essential Things You Should Know About Repairing Car Dents from Hail

What can be a huge headache for car owners is auto hail damage. A bad hailstorm can damage multiple panels on your car, denting the hood, trunk lid, roof, doors, and more. Hail can even crack or break your windows. If your car has recently been hit by hail, you may need top-notch auto body ding repair services.

A severe storm could even total your car. Besides hail, flooding, falling trees, and other things weather-related events can cause damage. A severe hail storm can cause a lot more damage than your typical fender bender. Indeed, the destruction could rival a high-speed collision.

When it comes to accident dent repair, you may be able to remove the dings and dents caused by hail and other weather events. With the right auto body repair tools dent puller, you may even be able to restore your car to like-new condition.

That said, fixing numerous dents can be difficult. If the damage is severe enough, you may be better off replacing your hood, trunk lid, doors, and the like.

With accident dent repair, you can pop many dings out. Yet there are limits to steel and aluminum dent removal and if the damage is severe it may not be feasible to remove the dents.

There are four principal causes of auto body damage: weather, negligence, fender benders, and high-speed collisions. The weather conditions you experience in your area naturally pose a challenge because they are inescapable. If you live in Chicago or any other area that experiences hail storms, you know the kind of damages that are associated with this weather condition. Other than causing structure damage, the vehicles you park outdoors can be affected as well. Things get worse if hail storm starts while you are driving. Your vehicle will be exposed to uncountable balls of ice that may leave your ride pocked with dents.


To get rid of such dents, you will need to take your vehicle to a reputable auto body repair shop that’s experienced in handling a car damaged by hail. The experts will examine your vehicle to determine if it can be repaired or not, and also recommend the best technique for repairing dents from hail.


One of the best solutions your auto body shop can offer when it comes to repairing dents from hail is paintless dent repair. This technique involves massaging the dents gently from inside the pack panel; the experts won’t need to opt for extensive bodywork. The technicians use specialized tools that are designed to squeeze the dent until it disappears without damaging the paint. When you choose the paintless dent removal services, you will be happy since:

  • The process is clean and doesn’t pollute the environment. The experts won’t have to use sealers and primers.
  • It is fast, meaning you will get your car sooner than later.
  • You will pay less for the service compared to other dent removal services.
  • The technique is effective than other methods and can be used on both aluminum and steel panels.


Although most dents can be repaired, there are some instances when repairing dents from hail isn’t an option. For example, if the storm was extreme, and it caused deep dents all over the car, it will be impossible to fix the issue with paintless dent repair. Also, if dents and dings have deep folds, getting a hundred percent result is impossible after repairing dents from hail. Your service provider should advise you accordingly after examining the car.


Tips for finding an auto body shop in Chicago


If you are seeking dent repair service, it is crucial to work with a specialist to repair the damage. Different car body repair shops handle various damages, so be sure to choose your service provider carefully. Below are steps you should follow to select an ideal car body shop Chicago.


Conduct Thorough Research


Whether it is your first time to search for an expert after hail damage, or you want to change your service provider, consider doing thorough research. The internet has become an irreplaceable tool that offers reliable information regarding the best service provider in your area. Once you find some, be sure to vet them by checking their qualifications, experience, and customer reviews. Another option is to ask your family and friends to recommend an ideal body shop. Narrow your search as you continue to gather information and choose the shop that offers top-notch service for repairing dents from hail, including a service guarantee.


Get cost estimates


Before getting a car fixed, be sure to ask your service provider for a cost estimate. Once you get several estimates from multiple service providers, be sure to compare and choose the best auto body shop depending on their reliability, cost, and experience. It’s better to pay more for quality service than to pay less and get low-quality work.


Query Payment Terms


Also, don’t forget to ask about their payment terms for repairing dents from hail. Usually, your insurance company helps you cover the expenses. However, you might be required to pay your deductible before the coverage can kick in and settle the balance. Whether the policy covers a part or the full cost of the damage, be sure to have the car repaired to ensure its resale value in the future isn’t affected.