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How To Choose the Best Commercial EV Charging Station Wisely

Prior to choosing from among the best commercial EV charging stations, there are several things you need to consider. Today, people are increasing their awareness and becoming conscious of how less expensive it can be when charging an electric vehicle than fueling cars with gasoline. The average cost of fueling cars using electricity is nearly the same as that of gasoline – at around $1/gallon when using gas as fuel.

As a result, most consumers are now favoring electric vehicles over their gas counterparts, and the sale of EVs is increasing dramatically. According to a 2017 report by Bloomberg, electric cars will account for the majority of new car sales worldwide come 2040, making up approximately 54% of the total volume.

However, many businesses still don’t have this vital amenity. Find out what factors you need to consider before choosing the best commercial EV charging solution for your business.

Recognize the Importance of Having the Best Commercial EV Stations

Experts predict that the number of electric vehicles on American roads will increase to 18.7 million by 2030 – a significant increase from 1 million at the end of 2018. This figure represents approximately 7% of the 259 million vehicles expected to be on U.S. roads in 2030, including cars and light trucks.

Apart from staying afloat with the latest trends, your business will also benefit from having commercial charging stations for EVs. The move will serve a good purpose for your employees and clients – or tenants in the case of building and apartment complex owners.

Other companies that will find it beneficial to have electric car charging stations as part of their amenities include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Premium outlets
  • Department stores
  • Fast food chains
  • Car parks
  • Stand-alone boutiques and retailers
  • Businesses with off-street parking

By installing charging stations for electric vehicles in your establishment, you’ll be adding value with little effort. You’ll be surprised how EV charging stations have become more cost-effective and affordable with the recent technological advancements. That’s why it’s now a possibility, even for small businesses.

Among the advantages are attracting new customers, increasing the time customers spend in the establishment and significantly improving customer service and satisfaction. It can also attract more customers through direct advertising or recommendations and referrals by word-of-mouth.

Pick the Best Spot

The location where you’ll be placing the charging station is also a significant factor. Install it as close to your current electrical infrastructure and in a strategic position where customers can clearly see it as they enter and leave the establishment. Plus, if you place it too far from the electric supply, you may have to deconstruct cement slabs just to lay down the conduit, which can be costly in terms of time and money.

Therefore, you should examine the layout of your building, including the electrical infrastructure. This way, you’ll be able to place the charging station in the best possible location. You’ll be saving precious time and money that can be better spent on other things for your business.

Choose the Most Cost-effective Option

Simply going for the cheapest equipment available will most likely result in your business having more issues down the road, such as higher maintenance costs and prevalent outages.

Pick the cost-effective option to prevent unnecessary recurring charges and huge network fees. With high-quality hardware, you’ll usually only incur small expenses to run it. The provider may also include lifetime service contracts.

Go With Smart Charging Software

Not all charging software solutions have smart capabilities and features. You should go with a provider offering intelligent software that can adequately handle electric usage, helping you lower the daily operational costs of the EV charging station.

The best commercial EV charging software will also feature scheduled charging, load balancing, and demand charge management. With load balancing, you can limit each station’s electric usage to avoid overloading and surpassing the capacity of your existing electrical infrastructure.

Take Action Towards Staying Ahead of the Competition

Head in the right direction to improve and boost your business. By installing commercial electric car charging stations in your establishment, you can get ahead of your competitors and provide great value to your employees and customers. Not only that, but you’ll also be helping the environment by cutting down on emissions and making significant progress towards a greener Earth.