How to Get NASCAR-Worthy Car Paint Protection

Cars are destined to pick up chips and scratches on the paintwork over time which is why car paint protection is essential. Some people have thought about car paint protection; for others, it’s been suggested by their mechanics, but what should people get?

According to the video narrator, what works for one car owner might not work for the other. For instance, a car owner who frequently enjoys washing their car or cars on the driveway is suited to ceramic spray wax or a spray sealant. However, a ceramic coating would suffice for busy pros who don’t have time to clean their vehicles but still want paint protection.

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Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a transparent layer with hydrophobic properties applied to vehicles to protect the paint from chemicals, extreme heat, scratches, etc.

Ceramic Spray Wax

Ceramic spray wax offers the same hydrophobic properties as typical ceramic coats but is easier to apply. After the car is cleaned, the ceramic spray wax is applied and buffed.

Paint Spray Sealant

Paint spray sealant is a more durable coating to protect cars against factors like debris, rain, sun rays, etc. Unlike car wax, its paint spray sealant can protect paint for up to a year.