How to Get The Best Hand Car Wash

Washing your car is the number one step to having a great car, but doing a hand car wash with the wrong tools can do the opposite. Whether you realize it or not, a car wash is so much more then just slapping some soap onto your car. Using the wrong product or the wrong technique can make a car wash worthless.

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Before Washing

One pro step many people don’t know is to make sure that your car is in the shade and is cool to the touch. This will help the cleaning process and ensure a shiny vehicle.

When choosing your cleanser, do not use dish soap. Always use a proper car cleaning solution. Also make sure to follow the instructions to properly pour and mix the correct ratio of cleaning solution and water.


With washing the car, first clean off the car with water to help remove any loose debris on the vehicle. Now using a proper car cleaning sponge, begin washing and rising the car one section at a time, working from the top down.

Lastly, rinse the car off with a hose to clean up any excess soap, and then you’re done!

Congrats, you have now cleaned your car!