How to Repair an Oil Filter Housing Leak

In this video, a quick and easy tutorial on how to reseal oil filter housings is explained and demonstrated for you. If there is a point on your m20 motor that is leaking and has you struggling with it, then this video is exactly what you need.

The video explains in detail what you have to do to get your oil to stop leaking, starting with a demonstration on what mounts on the block.

Video Source

The video shows where the oil filters lie and where the two oil cooler lines will be connected. Some reasons that might be behind your m20 leaking are given in the video as well. With the round seal that goes on the back in hand, the video shows how to apply that to the motor. The seal and metal washer are needed as well for the main bolt and if you are to use that, you need to remove the bolt first.

The oil filter housing plug kit is the last thing you will need. After the seals have been removed, the video shows you how to remove the old parts and insert the new ones. And just like that, you will not have any leaks.