Learn to Pick the Perfect Set of Wheels for Your Vehicle

One of the simplest improvements you can make for your car is to replace the wheels and tires. Before you begin to shop for different options, consider the following factors to learn which tire options will offer the capabilities you need most.

These four tiny points of contact on your car’s four wheels that grip the pavement are the most crucial parts of the vehicle.

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Just about everything is determined by a few square inches of rubber. Whether a car is pulling into a parking space or slamming into a high-speed sweeper, the tires control the engine’s power, enable the brakes to function, and influence how well a car will go around a turn.

Yes, tires do carry a heavy load. That tiny, round, black doughnut is actually a highly engineered profile formed from a complicated arrangement of cables, rubber, and polymers. It is then secured to a wheel and inflated with air to give it form and definition. The tire, wheel, and vehicle makers collaborated to meticulously create the ideal balance of grip, road feel, ride quality, noise control, and tire wear.

When it comes to tires, bigger isn’t always better. There is a sweet spot in sizing that gives you superior traction and those eye-catching appearances without sacrificing the unique engineering of your car.