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Phoenix Auto Glass Repair, An Essential Service

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There is an entire vocabulary of windows. Defenestrate is a verb which means to throw someone out of a window. The word for window comes from the Old Norse word windauga which can be loosely translated as Wind Eye. Before glass was widespread, thin sheets of marble, paper or flattened sheets of translucent animal horn was used.

Glass repair Phoenix is an important service to the community. Phoenix windshield replacement is one of the best means of increasing the value of a car and ensuring its safety. Windshields go back a long way. In 1917, Charlotte Bridgewood patented the first windshield wiper and in 1934 the Chrysler Imperial Airflow CW became the first car to have a single piece curved windshield. The first intermittent windshield wiper was not developed until the 1960s.

Auto glass repair phoenix AZ is one of the best means of ensuring that a car does not lose its windshield because of weather conditions or other factors. Auto glass Phoenix AZ can be difficult to come by. But Phoenix auto glass is reliable.

It is essential that glass repair Phoenix is available. Though it may be hard to believe, auto glass accounts for 40 percent to 70 percent of the strength of a vehicles frame. It is for this reason essential that anyone in need of Phoenix windshield replacement uses these services to ensure the integrity of their frame.

A Phoenix windshield replacement is one of the best ways to guarantee that the road is safe and that the frame is intact. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to rely on Phoenix windshield replacement.
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