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RV Vacations Continue to Grow in Popularity for Many Families

From your husband’s outdoor office on the first day of vacation to the sometimes scary hiking decisions that you have made, the decision to purchase a recreational vehicle has been a wise one. Even when you take into consideration that you have made some questionable choices on this first family vacation with the new RV, the method of travel is not one of them. When, for instance, you made the decision to ride the Sky Trail Gondolas up the mountain, but them walk down, your two youngest children were terrified and their fear contributed to the fact that it took two hours to make your way down. You are thankful, however, that you experienced the scary feeling of being in the mountain while you were on foot, and not when you were on the road.

Many Features Can Make RV Travel More Safe

The new RV sway control system has been a great investment.
Once you and your husband decided to purchase a large RV to use for family vacations, you knew that there were some features that would be worth the money. After talking to friends, for instance, you knew that the sway control hitch and trailer brake controller would be worth the money. The first time that you traveled from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest, however, you found out how valuable the electronic sway control really was. As you watched other drivers struggle to maintain the sway of their smaller vehicles on some of the windy climbs to your favorite campground, you realized that your drive seemed less stressful. Your husband was meticulous in his efforts to get all of the information that he needed so that he could handle the large truck and the RV skillfully.

With two kids and a pregnant wife, your husband often joked that there was plenty of reason to travel with your own camper. He wanted to make sure that his current and future children were safe during the hours on the road, so he spent an extra amount of time at the dealership understanding, and even practicing, how all of the add on equipment worked.

The sway control hitch may be your husband’s favorite part of this new purchase, but the kids would argue that the lofted beds and hidden play spaces under the tables are pretty great as well!