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Should Your Group Purchase a New Bus or a Used Bus?

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The day is fast approaching when you and your group are going to be sitting down to discuss the benefits of used vs new busses. Whether you are purchasing a church bus, or a party bus, a defining decision will need to be made around whether you choose new, or used. Before you go into this discussion, it’s important to know the different angles and benefits of each option.

The benefits of used vs new busses.

A primary benefit of a used bus is its affordability. New vehicles lose an incredible percentage of their value after they are purchased, and in the first year, so buying a new bus is typically something that you do only if you want a very customized vehicle with zero miles on it. Also, a used bus offers the advantage of allowing you to see the quality of the bus parts more clearly, because they have been tested.

The benefits of new vs used busses.

Buying a new bus means that not only will you have a full warranty on your purchase, but you will be able to make almost as many customizations as your group requires. Whether you want to add in overhead storage, WiFi, foot rests, handicap accessibility, a higher quality sound system, or luxurious seating, the option is entirely up to you. Also, a brand new bus may mean making fewer trips to the bus parts warehouse. You might consider the prior use of the bus. A used party bus for sale might make some people skeptical.

Hopefully, seeing the benefits of used vs new busses, and vice versa, will help you to make up your mind for yourself. When you go to browse the buses for sale, knowing ahead of time whether you will purchase new, or used, will save you a lot of time and trouble. While this decision will be most strongly influenced by your budget, it is also worth considering the availability, or lack thereof, of customization, and ongoing warranty. Links like this: