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Sometimes You Just Need a Better Base

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Our society is slowly becoming more and more aware of the damage that we are doing to the earth as a result of how we live. There are movements for major change, and inventors and engineers are constantly coming up with new ways to function as we currently do, but in ways that help to protect the health of our earth. Cars that are more fuel efficient or emit less greenhouse gases are helping to address the problem. People have also become more aware of the dangers to us as a species. But there are some aspects that we forget to consider. For example, when was the last time that you thought about how dirty the carpet and floor mats in your car are, and how that might affect you?

What is going on with those floor mats?
We typically think of floor mats as an aide to help keep things clean. But many people forget to clean their floor mats, and quite infrequently clean the inside of the car itself. Maybe if you have children or your take out food spilled, you have more recently given the inside of your car a good cleaning, but most people do not worry about it too often. Well, maybe you should. Think about this: one study showed that there are an average of about 700 different types of bacteria that can be found inside a car. And in the trunk, where you often put groceries that you plan to eat? Another study showed that there are often around 850 different kinds of bacteria. Compare that to about 60 different kinds of bacteria that are typically found on an average public toilet. Thinking it might be time for a thorough vacuuming? Or perhaps new flooring altogether.

Finding the perfect new look for your car’s interior

You might think it is time for a new look on the inside of your car, or perhaps something fresh and clean is what is on your mind. Whatever the case, you have many options available to you. And in fact, it is recommended that if the carpeting in your car is older than 10 years old, you should be looking into replacing it, not only for the look and comfort of it, but also the cleanliness. Custom car carpets are not as difficult to find as you might think, even if you are riding around in an old classic or something quite unique. There are carpets that can be made specifically to the make, model and year of just about any vehicle dating clear back to the 1940s. There are color and style options to choose from that perhaps you had never even thought to consider before. You could go for a fleece trunk mat or a vinyl trunk mat, and you could even switch it up if you don’t necessarily want them to match the mats in the front of the car.

Find your style

When most people think of updating their vehicle or changing the look, they are often considering a paint job, or perhaps amping up the power of the engine. Whether those are on the docket or not, it certainly would not hurt to switch up the flooring as well. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut or get overwhelmed with the monotony of routine. But even the simple act of updating the floors of your car could give you that little bit of change and freshness that turns things around a bit. No, the flooring difference will not be shockingly obvious to passersby or most of your passengers. But if it is different enough that it almost gives you that new car feel when you hop behind the wheel, it is definitely worth it.