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Taking A Look At the Industry Of Armored Transportation Here In The United States And All Throughout The World

The armored car as we know it today comes in many different varieties, from the armored BMW to the armored Mercedes to even the armored sedan or armored SUV. But the armored car has actually been around for much longer than many people would think, as most consider the armored car, at least as we know the armored car today, to be a relatively modern invention and innovation. However, this is actually far from the case, as the first sketches of the armored car, the armored vehicle, were done by Leonardo DaVinci back in the year of 1485. Of course, the armored car as we know it today is far from those first sketched, but the idea for armored vehicles has been present in our world all throughout history.

And the industry of Armored Transportation Services has only continued to grow on a worldwide basis, increasing by as much as a full percentage over the course of the last year, the year of 2018, alone, let alone in any of the other years that have recently transpired. In this same year of 2018, the industry of Armored Transportation Services was also able to reach a total revenue that was as high as $3 billion, an incredibly impressive number on a global scale, to say the least.

But what exactly can the armored car or other such armored vehicle be used for? In fact, there are many ways that such a vehicle can be used and hugely beneficial not just here in the United States, but all throughout the world as a whole. For one, the use of an armored car can be just about ideal for protecting someone who might be susceptible to outside attacks. The pope, for instance, has ridden in some type of armored car or armored vehicle since the year of 1981, when an unsuccessful assassination attempt was made on Pope John Paul II. Since then, the pope has ridden in an armored car, such as that of the bulletproof van or SUV with armored, ever since, now for a period of nearly 40 years.

The President of the United States also rides in some type of armored car or other such armored vehicle at all times, as it is common knowledge that protection for the current president must be as thorough and as all encompassing as is possible. In fact, President Obama rode in a specific armored Cadillac limo, affectionately referred to as “the Beast” for much of his presidency. Now, in the year of 2019, President Trump rides in that very same limo in order to keep him as safe as can possibly be in a country that is often highly critical. After all, every single president, for all the supporters that they may have had, has been likely to have many detractors as well, some of them prone to committing an act of violence in that of an attempted assassination. But as this Cadillac in question has a plate of armor that is suspected to be as many as five inches thick, riding in such a vehicle can help to promote a much higher level of safety than would otherwise be possible for any president here in the United States.

Of course, sometimes regular and everyday civilians will become interested in owning some type of armored car as well, even if it is not strictly necessary for their safety but more so a purchase that they are interested in making for overall peace of mind. However, these vehicles can be quite expensive indeed, as turning a regular car into an armored car is actually likely to cost as much as $100,000 when all is said and done. For many people, the only way to get some type of armored car is to look into used armored vehicles for sale, which can sometimes be seen at quite drastically reduced prices all throughout the country.

The armored car can not only can provide a great deal of safety, but peace of mind.