The Car Window Tint Process

Why do car owners tint their car windows? Learn the reasons why from this video. Here is a simple car window tint installation process that any professional tinter can easily use. First, a technician takes the car to a dust and wind-free location, removes debris and dirt, and prepares both sides of the car window using a water and soap solution, a squeegee, and a sponge.

Video Source

Tint installers give special attention to the window’s interior surface where the film is installed. After cleaning the window, the technician measures the car windows and cuts film pieces to fit the measurements. The technician lays the film on the exterior window surface where they cut it precisely. They cut the film to fit the shape of the left and right sides of the car window and heat shrink the film using a heat gun.

When the film is appropriately shaped and sized, the window tint professional installs it onto the car window’s interior surface. They first spray soapy water on the window and film to activate the film’s adhesive, allowing the sheet to slide through the glass until it’s well positioned. The installer then peels the release liner and applies the film on the car window with the adhesive side down. They use specialized scrapers to remove bubbles and smooth the edges, ensuring the fil is well inserted into the window’s rubber lining. The window tint will need three days to dry before car owners roll down the windows.