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Things To Look For When Buying Your Shelby Cobra Kit

Ac cobra replica

If you’re a car lover, then we don’t have to tell you why the AC Cobra custom roadster is special. It embodies the best of many worlds. It’s got the powerful, larger-than-life American V-8 engine but the elegant, classic body and striped traditional paint job of a British muscle car. What’s more, it weighs anywhere between 2,360 and 2,620 depending on the model — far less than the average 3,400 pound road and track car. It’s also a rarity. There were only 538 models originally built until a number of cost and weight saving measures were made to the design. Ultimately, this beautiful performance driving racing car was taken off the market and deemed as a financial failure — but true car buffs know its unsung glory.

The question is, how does one with the means and the inclination cash in on the Shelby Cobra’s forgotten majesty? Fortunately, we can turn to Cobra kit car manufacturers. Yes that’s right. With just a few upgrade parts and the right know-how, Cobra kit car manufacturers can help you realize your dream of owning something as close to the Cobra as possible. The real problem as it turns out, comes when you have to choose between Cobra kit car manufacturers! Make sure to compare the following points when settling on your Shelby Cobra kit:

1. The Price Point: From what we’ve seen, kits can range anywhere from ten to $20,000. The price point usually depends upon which model the Cobra kit car manufacturers are attempting to replicate, the size and power of the engine, and how complete and accurate the replication is. (For example, is it just a body makeover or are the inner parts the same)? Make sure you know the differences between your models and pick the one that best fits your needs and interests. Speaking of needs…

2. How Much Is Included: This is a vital question especially if you’re not a particularly handy person or well-versed in auto body. If this describes you, then you’re going to want a pre-drilled replica that includes all the fasteners and auxiliary pieces. Note well however that most replicas will require you to install your own brakes and rear axle. You’ll also probably have to send it out for the traditional paint job.

3. Consumer Satisfaction And Safety Ratings The Cobra is traditionally a racing car, and so you’ll want to pay particular attention to the SFI foundation’s standardized safety rating. Finally, all kit companies worth their salt will have a place where customers can leave reviews of their product, and reviews by professional car buffs are published multiple times per year, so do your research. Don’t trick yourself into buying a lemon, even a charming lemon from the past.