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Thinking About Building a Car Kit? Here’s What to Consider

For car enthusiasts, replica car kits are a great way to spend some free time and wind up with a cool looking replica car. Cobra kits are popular choices, as are hot rod kit cars, as well as Coupes. If you’re trying to get someone into the hobby, the best kit cars for beginners are a Locost or a Cobra car kit, which often come ready to build (no need to drill holes) and are less expensive that other, more advanced types of car kits. There are a ton of ways to get into the hobby and a fair number of places sell car kits to build, so it’s accessible as well. And though you probably shouldn’t use one for your commute, they’re a fun way to take a spin around town and to attract some ooh’s and aah’s from passerby.

What Should I Look For In the Best Kit Cars for Beginners?
You probably don’t want the most expensive kit car to start with, since there’ll be somewhat of a learning curve. It’s good to get a cheaper model as a “tester” car — and if you wind up hating the process or not liking the end result, you won’t have spent too much money on the endeavor. Also, most kit cars for beginners tend to be less expensive, since there isn’t as much technical work involved.

Do your research as well — many kits are tougher than they look and require more time and money to finish them than people expected. There are plenty of sites and reviews that suggest good kits to buy though, and offer tips on where to find the parts and tools you need.

Why the Cobras are So Popular
A Shelby Cobra kit is usually a popular choice because some manufacturers really sell it as a true “kit.” Plus, they look snazzy and have an end result you’ll be proud of. Cobras have an interesting history as well.

The original AC Cobras were meant to be “Corvette-Beaters,” though they weigh almost 500 pounds less than the Corvette itself. In fact, they weigh much less than many racing cars or roadsters, which can be as heavy as 3,400 pounds. Cobras are much less — often under 2,500 pounds.

The 1990 Geneva Salon debuted the lightweight Cobra, at 2,360 pounds with power up to 370 hp at 5,750 rpm. And in 1964, an AC Cobra Coupe got up to 186 mph on a British motorway, which exemplifies why these cars are so popular. They have a large engine which provides plenty of get up and go, while still being extremely lightweight.

Plus, original AC Cobras tend to be too expensive to just outright buy, while a car kit is more affordable. You can have the car of your dreams for a fraction of the price — and be proud to say that you built it, not bought it! Building and driving the replica car of your dreams has a nice feel of achievement to it.

Where Can I Find the Best Kit Cars for Beginners?

Looking up reviews for different suggested car kits is a good way towards finding the best kit cars for beginners. There are plenty of forums out there with real people offering suggestions, feedback, and recommendation — and if you find a forum you like, it might be a good spot to ask questions or seek help if you run into a snag during the building process. They’re also valuable resources for where to find parts or the necessary tools.

The most important thing is to know exactly what you’re getting into and to have all your ducks in a row before you make a purchase. It will ensure that the process goes much more smoothly and that there won’t be any unforeseen complications going forward.

Try your hand at a car kit — it could be a great individual hobby or one to share with your kids or other relatives — with a truly special end result.