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Three Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Advertising With Car Wraps

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to advertise businesses in “real life”. Online advertising seems to be taking over, with many companies foregoing large, expensive advertisements like billboards in favor of online marketing only. This, however, is not an option for everyone. Some businesses, like food trucks, need on-the-ground marketing. They will not be able to reach their consumer base, or at least not most of it, through online marketing. Other businesses do benefit from advertising online, but would benefit from more in person, physical marketing as well. Businesses that are dependent on vehicles — like food trucks, or other vehicular vendors that make their way around big cities — have found success with one type of advertising in particular: car wraps. Car wraps and banners are smooth types of advertising that are relatively easily to apply and eye-catching. They communicate their messages loud and clear, while at the same time avoiding being overbearing. Below, we’ll discuss the many benefits of car and truck wraps. But one thing is for certain — whether you’re looking for camo wraps or wraps customized for your business, this is one kind of advertising that consumers can’t ignore. So without further ado, let’s get into the benefits of using car wraps, truck wraps, and boat wraps.

1. They’re Attention-Grabbing

Think about a camo wrap on a big truck. Whether or not that type of advertising is to your taste, it is certainly difficult to ignore. One of the reasons why so many businesses favor car wraps in this day and age is that they are among the few types of physical advertising that still grab people’s attention. You just don’t necessarily expect to see a big banner or advertisement on a car. Cars are supposed to be innocuous and unnoticeable — we don’t associate them with big words and splashy colors, that’s to be sure. Yet it’s estimated that a single car wrap can generate somewhere between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily. It’s no wonder — this kind of advertising is seen whether you’re driving or have your car parked. Therefore, it can be seen by people both in their cars and on foot. It’s reported that transit advertising has become the second largest sector of outdoor advertising in terms of dollars spent, representing 19% of the market. Overall, that means that about 95% of Americans are reached by advertising drivers and passengers.

2. It’s Cost-Efficient

When investing in billboards, you can easily spend at least $11,000 on a four-week tenure. Billboards and other types of advertising in a similar vein usually cost a certain amount per month or per week, and you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on a few months’ worth of billboard advertising. A car wrap, on the other hand, is something that you can keep forever if you wish. It’s a permanent form of advertising, reaching people on the road just as billboards do. Yet it costs exponentially less. It’s estimated that the average investment put into a car wrap is between $1,500 an $3,000. Now, some more unique wraps may cost more to customize, but that estimate is meant to include both the wrap material and the professional installation. Yes, you can have the wrap professionally installed — and you should. The low cost of this approach means that, should you wish, you can invest in multiple wraps and therefore reach a larger audience.

3. They’re Creative

In a recent poll, 48% of those surveyed said that they found car wraps to be the most unique form of advertising. You can go with standard patterns like camo wraps should you be advertising something straightforward, like a hunting and game store (camo wraps may also appeal in towns with a heavy military population). Or you could have your car wrap customized for, say, a food truck. The options are virtually endless, and one thing is for sure: the more creative you get with your car wrap, the more eyes you will draw.