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Three Ways to Generate Auto Sales Leads

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As a car dealership, generating om/2016/02/09/subprime-auto-loans-delinquencies-keep-rising-experian-report-shows.html” Title=”Http://, Automotive leads”>auto sales leads can be a never-ending struggle. No matter how great your cars are, it’s not worth a thing if you can’t get in touch with people who want to buy them. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of creative ways to get yourself auto sales leads:

Three Ways to Generate Auto Sales Leads

  1. You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

    When a person is making a new purchase (whether it’s a car or a flavor of canned cheese), there is a 94% chance that they are going to start by researching it online. You know this to be true because you’re online doing research right this moment. That 94% statistic sharply inclines when it’s a huge purchase, such as a vehicle. So meeting your target market where they’re at and hitting up the good ol’ world wide web for auto lead generation is a good idea. We’ll get to the part where you promote yourself in a moment, but first we want to touch on the easiest and most direct way to connect with people who want to buy cars from you: auto internet leads.

    This just means a person puts their info in online in search of financing for a new car, and the search engine that helps them out connects them to you. Yes, it’s important to establish your own web presence, but this is a simple first step. Even once you have a great website and online presence, going to where the people are is an excellent strategy for auto sales leads.

  2. Build it and They Will Come

    Now let’s talk about getting your own online presence built up. If we had a single piece of advice to offer it’s this: Pay attention to search engine optimization. The fact is, of the 94% of people who start with the interwebs when they’re making a purchase, about 80% of them start with a search engine, such as Google. When they enter their search query (such as “financing for a new car”), about 70% of the time, they ignore any search results that are paid advertisements and choose one of the organic links. Of these links, about one-third of online users select the first link. About 18% select the second. Each following link gets less attention. If your dealership’s website is on the second page of results, you have a 70% chance of never seeing any love. So you really want Google to have your dealership’s page at the top of its Rolodex. You can do that through:

    • Have a blog and regularly add interesting content. Google doesn’t want to suggest your page to its users if you’re just a billboard.
    • Use social media, to post the previously-mentioned content, and to interact with users. This is a double edged sword, as it connects you to auto dealer leads, and it also tells Google that you’re worth suggesting.
    • Have a good website. If your dealership’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will dock points. If you website is slow and hard to use, Google will dock points. If your website makes users abandon it without looking around at all, Google will dock points. You get the gist.

  3. Consider Grass-roots Lead Generation

    They say that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertisement and this is particularly true for automotive leads. When a person is looking for a new car, they’ll pay special attention to the dealerships that their friends, family, neighbors have said great things about. You can speed up the process by incentivizing your happy car purchasers to spread the good word about your business. When someone buys a car from you make sure that they know they get a gift card or a discount on auto service or something like that if they refer a friend to buy a car from you.

    While we’re on the subject, you can totally use your happy clients to beef up your social media presence (which also beefs up your S.E.O, if you refer back to the previous point). Offer a deal for some great incentive if a post that includes your dealership’s social media handle gets a certain number of likes. Encourage your happy customers to bring you more customers, and so on!

Do you have any other tips? Share in the comment section!