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Tips and Suggestions to Buying Used Vehicles

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Depending upon where a person lives, a car is sometimes a necessity, and not a luxury. Especially in regions where public transportation is not readily available or walking distances are too far for travel between locations, a vehicle can be an indispensable commodity. The truth is, these days, even people living in towns and cities where public transportation is easy to use very often prefer having their own car to depending on a bus or train to get around. In spite of the cost, the car payments, insurance, gas, and repairs, it just seems easier to be able to get into their own car and drive from point A to point B. Although buses and trains are usually an affordable and convenient way to travel, having personal transportation is sometimes more preferred.

These days a used vehicle is often a wise choice for people whose budget is tight, which pretty much includes almost everyone! Largely because of high technology, cars are now lasting longer, which explains why cars still being driven now are an average of 11 years old. This does not mean that they have had the same owner all these years. Although that could be possible, statistics show that a used vehicle typically has an average of three owners throughout its lifetime.

Even when buying a used vehicle, many of the lenders available will ask the customer for a 10% or 20% downpayment. Especially when car buying through car dealerships customers will find that there is a certain percentage required to put down, even when the auto financing is done through a type of hardship loan, which, as a result of the economy, is becoming more popular and widely used these days.

There are different ways to buy used cars or used trucks, one of which is by purchasing online. However, most people, about 84%, state that they would prefer to buy their vehicle in person. An important point made by 43% of consumers is that they feel a dealership, whether a new or used car dealership, is a place where they can learn by asking questions and seeing the vehicles for themselves. When customers are looking to purchase a used vehicle, the general consensus is that it is better to be able to look the vehicle over and check it out for themselves.

When customers are buying a used vehicle, it is recommended they take the car or truck for a test drive, and that they do that under varied conditions. Driving the vehicle through hills, on a highway, and through stop and go traffic will give the customer an idea of how well it performs, and will give them an opportunity to watch and listen for anything that does not look or sound right. The consumer should also ask for a copy of the vehicle’s maintenance record, which can be obtained either from the previous owner, from the dealership, or a repair shop. Another important tip to perspective buyers is to take the time to find out what the value of the car or truck is before agreeing to the price. All three of these recommendations will help the customer to get the best price, value, and service from the vehicle they choose.

Before entering into the used vehicle buying arena, or even the new vehicle buying arena, customers should first determine what they can afford, and what type of vehicle they can purchase for that amount. They need to estimate their payments, insurance, and other expenses, and then go from there. Before buying, customers have to keep in mind the added expenses to the overall price of the car at the time of purchase that will increase its price, thereby increasing their monthly payments. For instance, tax, title, license, registration, and other random fees could add 10% to the price of the car. In addition to all this, it is essential to have a good idea of how much insurance will cost per year, since the customer’s driving record as well as the type of car purchased will be major considerations by the insurance company. Sports cars, and cars with the words supercharged or turbo in their name will typically bring a higher insurance rate.