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To Keep Your Boat Seaworthy, Have Professionals Ship It

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When you decided to buy a boat, did you ever think you would need boat moving services? It might be that you are moving to a new state, or that you are bringing your vessel to a boat show, or are just planning a vacation on a different body of water this year. Whatever the case, hitching your boat up to your truck might work for short distances, but for a long haul, are you willing to put your boat at the increased risk of accident, or damage? In some situations, hauling a boat yourself may not even be an option.

Finding specialized transportation services.

Did you know that many car transport services also offer boat moving
? Make sure that the company you choose has a large enough network of carriers and terminals that they will be able to deliver your boat to exactly the destination you require. Whether your boat is on a trailer or not, they should be able to securely transport your watercraft. Remember that when looking for services, you might be tempted to choose a company with deep discounts, but your primary concern should be whether they are properly licensed. There are vehicle shipping scammers that will move your car or boat at what seems like a good deal, but at the end of the journey you may find your boat or car missing, or badly damaged. Choose a reputable, licensed, and experienced company instead.

Getting ready for boat transport.

Not sure how to prepare your boat for shipping? Boat moving is simple if you follow these guidelines and check with your chosen company for their recommendations. Here is a basic checklist.

  • Ports, hatches, and windows should be latched.
  • Any and all loose gear should be removed, or secured.
  • Fuel, water, and holding tanks should either be empty, or close to it.
  • Battery cables must be disconnected, and stowed in a way that will prevent accidental contact between the cables and the battery during transport.

Remember to take the necessary steps to prepare your watercraft for boat shipping, and to choose a company that has the network of carriers and terminals, the licensing, experience, and expertise to get your boat safely from point A to point B. Following these guidelines will ensure that your boat, whether it is a cuddy cabin, or a yacht, will arrive safely at its next port. For more about this, go here: