Types of Grinding Coolant

In the automotive industry, several types of grinding coolant are used to keep engines fully functional. The video below talks about several of them in detail.

Oil is one of the most common types of grinding coolant. It can be straight petroleum-based oil or it can have additives that help it to cool and clean the engine.

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This product is used in all kinds of vehicle engines to keep them lubricated and prevent excessive grinding. It also helps to keep engines cool by carrying heat away from where it is produced.

Other grinding coolants are water based. These coolants are typically 70 to 90 percent water with additives that help them hold impurities and heat better. Synthetic water-based coolants are the most effective grinding coolants when it comes to actually cooling the engine. Water holds onto a lot of heat, so it can transport heat through a radiator effectively. Oil is the least effective at cooling the engine, but oil is excellent at lubrication.

All in all, multiple grinding coolants are required within an engine to ensure it remains fully operational. For this reason, most engines have separate oil and synthetic coolant systems that allow them to get the best of all of the grinding coolant types.