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Used Car Or New Car? Weighing Your Options When Visiting An Auto Dealer For The First Time

You’ve finally figured out your budget and are ready to head to your new car dealer to talk shop. The only problem is…

…you have no idea which car you want to buy! Even now you’re wondering if you’d be better off reaching out to a Jeep dealer or buying a used Chrysler. This isn’t an uncommon uphill battle, as many Americans today are doing their best to pull off the juggling act that is owning a car. Whether this is your first time buying or your third time around, the list below can help you get started. There are a ton of brands to look for and only so many prices before you have to step up to the plate.

Let’s take a look at the automotive industry so you can get a better idea as to what’s in store for you.

Today’s Automotive Industry

You’ve got quite a lot to look forward to in today’s automotive industry. New brands are flying off the shelves (so to speak) and it’s not hard to find an incredible deal for a low price. Between private-party and dealership sales nearly 40 million used cars exchanged hands just last year. Total new vehicle sales surpassed a staggering $1 trillion in 2017, to boot. When talking with a Dodge dealer it helps to know which way the winds are blowing. You might be surprised at what you find!

Used Car Predictions

Want a car of good quality and a smart price? Ask your auto dealer for their used models. Recent projections expect the American automotive industry to spend $10 million on digital advertising, with used cars taking up a lot of the budget. It’s just not feasible for everyone to drop a hefty amount on a shiny new model, particularly if they’re in dire need of some independence as soon as possible. One study found that, of the 16,000 franchised dealers in the United States, 17 million new vehicles were sold. Perhaps one that’s a few years old and just as good could be yours.

Light Trucks’ Popularity

The go-to vehicle for flexibility is the light truck. Light truck sales back in 2017 hit an impressive 11 million units, cementing themselves as one of the most popular type of cars today behind the Jeep and the standard single-passenger. The year before that light truck sales accounted for 65% of the 17 million vehicles sold! Whether you want to shop for a new car or shop for a used car, consider the light truck. It’s fantastic for families, couples with pets, or an individual that just likes to go camping regularly.

Common First-Time Mistakes

Here are a few things to keep in mind when applying for a new car. Be careful of odometer fraud, as this remains among the most frustrating and surprising of setbacks. It may also help to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle (or CPO) to make future installments or repairs easier. Buying a car is essentially just digging through a hundred options and gradually narrowing it all down to what suits you best. There’s no need to rush, particularly since you also have to figure out car loans and insurance.

Talking With A New Car Dealer

Your new car dealer, first and foremost, is your helping hand into the world of car ownership. Their function is to answer any and all questions you have — no matter how basic! — and give you the biggest picture possible. Back in 2017 the total cost of service and parts sales at dealerships in the United States was nearly $115 billion. Dealerships have also, collectively, written over 315 million repair orders. You might have considered putting off buying your car at some point, but rest assured now has never been a better time to look.

Write down a list of questions and ask your new car dealer for their special sales. You’re just a few steps away from driving off into the sunset!