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What is an Interlock and an Interlock Cup?

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How much is too much to drink? It depends on a lot of things, such as body size, sex, how fast you’ve drunk, and what you ate before or during drinking. Most states consider legal intoxication to be a blood alcohol level of 0.80% or more; however, in many states you can still be arrested and convicted even with a blood alcohol level of less than this.

There are many ideas constantly floated to deal with the issue of DUIs, and since the cost every year of alcohol-related crashes is more than $59 billion, it’s in everyone’s best interests to minimize drunk driving. The sad truth is that drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher that are involved in a fatal crash are six times more likely to have been convicted of a DUI at some point in the past than other involved in fatal crashes.

If you’ve seen an interlock cup for sale, then you’ve seen one of the ways society is attempting to protect everyone. The interlock cup for sale is used to conceal and protect an interlock device. Ignition interlock systems are often installed on the cars of people convicted of DUI.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

This is a kind of car breathalyzer which won’t let the engine start until the driver has blown into the device and it has confirmed a blood alcohol level of 0.02% or less. Most the systems will require the driver to repeat the test 15 minutes into a trip and at random throughout the rest of any trip. Normally a court will order the person convicted of a DUI to pay for ignition interlock installation on their own vehicle.

Does an Interlock Ignition System Work?

It does. When they are installed, these systems seem to result in about a 70% reduction in the rate of arrests for driving under the influence. Even after the devices are removed, those who had one installed re-offend 39% less often than those who never had one.

What is the Interlock Cup for Sale For?

There are several reasons someone might pick up an interlock cup for sale. The interlock cup allows for a more discreet breathalyzer experience. It hides the device within what looks like an ordinary cup. This saves embarrassment when a person needs to start their vehicle but doesn’t want everyone to see them using an interlock device. But even more importantly, interlock devices are expensive and are a target for thieves. If you’ve invested in one of these expensive devices, picking up an interlock cup for sale can provide you a way to hide your interlock effectively and avoid losing it.

It only takes one mistake in judgment to end up with a DUI. If you’re required to use an interlock system, minimize your profile by getting a good interlock cup to keep it hidden and safe.