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What Makes a Car Family Friendly?

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Some of our happiest childhood memories are of road trips in the family car. Family friendly cars that combine practicality with value become companions on the road, a home away from home. Auto dealers frequently recommend Buick cars as a good choice for family cars, since they offer all the features that matter: safety, value, room and WiFi to keep the kids busy during those long hours on the road.

Road trips are a continuing tradition
Family road trips are a tradition that continues from generation to generation. Whether it?s a camping trip just a hundred miles away or a family reunion across the country, there?s nothing quite like packing the basics for a few days or a few weeks, putting the kids and the dog in the car, and hitting the road. Of course in these days the basics include toys, bikes, and WiFi.
Holidays and weekends are a popular time for road trips, with families taking the chance for a quick break before work and school take over their lives. Memorial Day weekend, when the weather is just turning, is a highly travelled holiday. In 2016, as many as 34 million Americans took road trips over 50 miles on Memorial Day, according to the AAA. In 2017, the total number of families taking road trips is expected to rise by another 10%.

Choosing a family car
Family travel requires family friendly vehicles. Very often, they also have to be dog friendly cars, with plenty of room for Buddy or Fido to stretch out and nap when he gets tired of panting over everyone and enjoying the passing landscape. There has to be plenty of room for snacks, mobile devices, and games you can play in the car.
Car safety is another major consideration when it comes to family cars. After all, you?re transporting the most precious cargo there is. A 2016 survey by CarGurus ranked parents? requirements for a family friendly car, and found that kids, pets, sports and outdoor activities were the most important considerations. In decreasing order, parents select vehicles based on the following needs:

  • transporting kids? sports equipment – 45%
  • carrying an infant stroller – 33%
  • transporting pets – 31%
  • traveling to a vacation home – 29%
  • going on a family camping trip -27%

What makes a car family friendly?
A majority of parents, or 57%, consult their children about which car to buy, according to a survey conducted by The Family Room. The study didn?t specify how far the children?s specifications matched the parents? wish list. Or whether parents do give in to kid choices and go for sporty red cars that can go really really fast.
Auto dealers frequently recommend Buick cars for families. Buick is one of the oldest brands around, with a reputation for luxury cars. They?re also regularly picked as one of the best family cars to own, since they have all the features that matter: value, safety, roomy interiors, and WiFi.

Automobiles are an important part of our family holidays. Auto dealers recommend family cars based in criteria like safety, roomy interiors and value. With leaf season just starting and the holiday travel season approaching fast, it?s time to get the family car ready for another unforgettable trip.