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Who Says Golf Carts are Just for Golfing?

Golf cart dealer

When you think of going for a nice golf outing, there is plenty of gear to pack up, and you are pretty thankful for the use of the golf cart that carries you from hole to hole. It typically is not anything too fancy, but when you sit down and get that bit of shade and that bit of breeze on your skin, it can be the perfect little break from the heat of the day and from all of the standing and walking. It is a little luxury, but an appreciated and well-earned luxury. Now if it brings you that much bliss on one day out golfing, don’t you think it would be a pretty great addition to your every day life?

It could be time to visit a golf cart dealer
Believe it or not, there are places that sell golf carts for personal use. They could be refurbished golf carts, or luxury rides that you end up shelling out thousands of dollars for. But why not? It doesn’t need to be a replacement for your actual car, but for getting around the neighborhood or a large property quickly, it is the perfect solution. Golf carts can carry two to 10 passengers, depending on the model, they are fairly low maintenance, and they are compact enough at about four feet wide, eight feet long and six feet high that they are not going to get in the way of much. They are fast enough that you will get to your desired destination much more quickly than hiking it out there on your feet, but not fast enough to be too dangerous to operate. Though it can vary by from state to state or even by district, usually a golf cart is allowed on streets where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

Some ideas for where to use your new toy
Of course, you could always take your new golf cart to the golf course, where it was intended to be used, and just ride around in style after having your new ride personalized a bit (you don’t want anyone mistaking it for property of the resort, right?). Or you could expand your horizons and implement your new wheels into other aspects of your life too. Use it at a wedding or other big event to shuttle guests around or even bring the bride down the aisle in a way that everyone will remember. Load it up with goodies and start a mobile refreshment stand that everyone in the neighborhood could benefit from. You’ll probably make quite a few new friends this way! Let the teenagers borrow it if they’re complaining about the yard being too big to accomplish any of the yard work you’ve tasked them with. It will make it more fun for them and they might even finish the work in record time! Or if you’re not too far from the beach, it could be your open air transport for your swimming day. And then you don’t have to worry about carrying all the towels, snacks, umbrellas and whatever else the family needs for the perfect day at the beach.

A golf cart is a great accessory on the golf course. But it can also be the perfect accessory for almost any other purpose you can think up!