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Why Should I Buy A Used Vehicle Instead Of A New One?

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Are you in need of a good, trustworthy car? Consider buying a used vehicle! While they can get a poor reputation as being old and out of shape, it couldn’t be further from the truth. With all the expenses that go into owning a vehicle, from initial payments to maintenance to gas, you want to save as much money possible when searching for a quality transportation routine. Many brands are simply out of the price range for the average American and used vehicles can be the option you require to get you back and forth between work and school. They have to undergo a rigid inspection for reliability and efficiency and won’t be put to market unless the auto dealer is confident you’re getting the most bang for buck. Let’s take a look at some simple facts and statistics about used vehicles, so you can spend less time worrying and more time shopping with confidence!

Did You Know?

It’s thought that the average car on the road is just over 11 years old and used cars are fast outnumbering brand new models. Used vehicles are everywhere! The prospects for used vehicles is only looking better and better — the National Automobile Dealers Association, for example, has forecast a nearly 7% decline in the average used-car price. It’ll go from $16,000 to just under $15,000 in recent years, which means there’s never been a better time to buy! When it comes to the leading brands, Cadillac and Chevrolet still lead the pack in more ways than one.

Leading Brands

Going to your auto dealers with a little knowledge in your back pocket will help immensely when you buy a used vehicle. Some brands and models are more prone to longevity and reliability than others and it doesn’t hurt to become familiar with everybody’s hard-earned favorites. Cadillac, for one, has been a leading luxury auto brand since the early 1900’s and has sold over 250,000 vehicles in the year 2014 alone. Nearly half of all consumers visit car dealerships to better learn about car technology and brand history, with a majority 84% of consumers preferring to buy a car in person. Indeed, due to the size and scope of your purchase it’s more than prudent to spend a little extra time getting to know your vehicle!

Car Technology

What technology do you prefer in your car? A recent study by the U.S. Tech Choice found nearly half of all drivers gravitating to blind spot detection and prevention features as their go-to technology. Night vision follows close behind at 33%. Even property damage liability claims saw a significant 10% drop with the advent of adaptive headlights, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute’s research. While not all used vehicles may have these useful security features, you can still find some preferable options if you do a little research and seek out particular brands. Safe driving habits in general, like giving your car a yearly check-up and buying snow tires for rough seasons, will pay off no matter what!

Buying Your Used Vehicle

So, we know that used vehicles are just as valid an option as buying a new car and you can see yourself saving money without sacrificing quality and safety. Now how about getting started? Car dealers backed by manufacturers will offer certified used-car programs for vehicles around three or four years old and lenders generally require a 10% to 20% down payment to start with. Some will even have you negotiate a down payment, particularly if you have a good driving record and can earn the benefit of the doubt. When it comes down to it, used vehicles are the best option for money-strapped Americans who need to expand their options. Which one are you thinking of buying?