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Why Valet Parking Matters

If you own a car, then you know exactly what a hassle parking can be. If you live in a city somewhere in this country, than you are likely hugely familiar with it. But finding parking seems to be a very much universal problem throughout this country, one that impacts just about everyone. After all, it’s been found that just the amount of driving that people do while looking for parking will amount to the use of more than forty five thousand gallons of gas, as well as a distance of thirty eight full trips all around the world.

And a great deal of money (particularly when it comes to gas money) is wasted each and every year on searching for parking alone. For the average person here in the United States, up to three hundred and forty five dollars is wasted on an annual basis just in the quest to find parking. And while it might not seem like you are wasting that much gas looking for parking, all of the instances in which you need to look for parking over the course of the year certainly begins to add up. With seventeen hours a year spent on just this task, valuable moments of your life end up being wasted as well and while those do not necessarily have a strictly monetary value, they are far from worthless as well.

And if you live in a city, an urban or metropolitan area, the cost of finding parking is often far more extreme and detrimental to your overall finances. Let’s take the city of New York, for example, known as one of the busiest places in this entire country. If you drive a car on a regular basis in New York City, you are likely to spend more than two thousand dollar each and every year in the quest to find parking alone. Other cities that tend to be just as horrible for parking include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. – with many other cities still coming close to being far from ideal for someone who is looking to park there.

So what’s the solution to this? If you live in a city, you’ll likely want to consider moving to a street where you can have your own garage. Paying for residential parking is another option and while this does require a fee, it will help to ensure that you always have a spot to park in on your street. Of course, choosing to live in an apartment building that can give you a valet ticket for valet parking is another option and though this valet ticket will cost extra, it is well worth it for some people for the amount of time – and gas – that it will save.

And valet services as a whole have become truly more prevalent than ever before here in the United States, in major cities and even outside of them as well. Taking advantage of valet tickets for businesses is likely to streamline any trip that you are making considerably. And aside from getting a valet ticket for business purposes, a valet ticket can also come in handy in an emergency situation as well.

Hospitals, for instance, often offer the option to get a valet ticket and valet parking. Valet parking tags at any given hospital are likely to cost around eight dollars – but some hospitals will charge you nothing at all for a valet parking tag and valet ticket, as many will understand that you are in the middle of an urgent medical situation and will not necessarily have the time to park your car. In these situations, a valet ticket and valet parking tags can be hugely and insurmountably helpful in a number of different ways.

Valet tickets are incredibly helpful, and the use of valet tickets can streamline any tough parking situation. Not only can valet tickets be used in any given apartment building but valet tickets are often available at hospitals as well. In many cases, valet tickets will even be available at large events and though valet tickets come with a charge, they’re often worth it to avoid the hassle of parking.