Yamahas New Electric Motor

Yamaha has been around for quite some time and has a stellar reputation. As times continue to change, electric motors are trending as the world looks to become less reliant on oil. Yamaha is no different, as they have kept the project quiet, however. It is still in testing and is considered a prototype. This video explains the new electric motor that you will be able to purchase in your next Yamaha vehicle.

The new Yamaha electric motor does not lack power whatsoever.

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It has been reported that the EV motor puts out 469 horsepower. It is capable of having the “maximum output” and the cooling method adjustable to the clients’ desires. On top of having the new technology, customization is available which is rather unique.

It is rumored that there will be different levels to choose from depending on your need for power. They will have luxury options that have advanced capabilities. Keep an eye out for detailed information to be released by Yamaha in the near future.